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Monday, June 10 2013

Kaldenberg Wyatt - Pagan Revival 046

Author : Kaldenberg Wyatt Title : Pagan Revival 046 Year : 19* Link download : Kaldenberg_Wyatt_-_Pagan_Revival_046.zip Supreme Court Rule Against Government Institutions Taking Sides in Religious Matters. Some Thoughts And Quotes on Euro-Paganism. All Hallow's Eve. Crom, Chief of the Mounds.  […]

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Kaldenberg Wyatt - Pagan Revival 041

Author : Kaldenberg Wyatt Title : Pagan Revival 041 Year : 19* Link download : Kaldenberg_Wyatt_-_Pagan_Revival_041.zip ADL Uses Dirty Tricks Against Jews for Jesus. Pagan Music Review. C.I.A. Handbook on Revolution. Viking Hero May Have Had Bone Disease. Zoroastrian Influence on Judiasm. Mithra  […]

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Monday, April 1 2013

Iseman Myre - Race Suicide

Author : Iseman Myre Title : Race Suicide Year : 1912 Link download : Iseman_Myre_-_Race_Suicide.zip The purpose of this book is to make the American people think, to appeal to my fellow-countrymen to stay the practice of a great national sin whose consequence is to toll the passing of this great  […]

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Thursday, July 19 2012

Herodotus - The Landmark Herodotus

Author : Herodotus Title : The Landmark Herodotus The Histories Year : * Link download : Herodotus_-_The_Landmark_Herodotus.zip Robert B. Strassler is an independent scholar whose articles have appeared in the Journal of Hellenic Studies. He holds an honorary Doctorate of Humanities and Letters  […]

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