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Sunday 29 September 2019

Grove Richard - The truth about the Rothschilds

Author : Grove Richard Title : The truth about the Rothschilds Year : 2016 Link download : Grove_Richard_-_The_truth_about_the_Rothschilds.zip Preface. There are a multitude of resources on the international banking dynasty known as the Rothschilds; Appendix 1 of this project contains a list of 44  […]

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Wednesday 8 May 2019

Kasten Len - Alien World Order

Author : Kasten Len Title : The reptilian plan to divide and conquer the human race Year : 2017 Link download : Kasten_Len_-_Alien_World_Order.zip Introduction. From Prophecy to Reality. The science-fiction classic The Time Machine by H. G. Wells was first published as a novel in 1895. It was based  […]

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Sunday 27 January 2019

Field Arthur Nelson - The Bretton Woods plot

Author : Field Arthur Nelson Title : The Bretton Woods plot Year : 1957 Link download : Field_Arthur_Nelson_-_The_Bretton_Woods_plot.zip Part One. Conspiracy and Conspirators. TIMING THE TRAP. On May 17, 1944, the Allied Supreme Command in the second world war tentatively fixed June 5 as D-Day for  […]

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Wednesday 23 January 2019

Cafferky John P. - Lord Milner’s Second War

Author : Cafferky John P. Title : Lord Milner’s Second War Year : 2013 Link download : Cafferky_John_P_-_Lord_Milner_s_Second_War.zip The Rhodes-Milner Secret Society; The origin of World War I; And the start of the NEW WORLD ORDER. ...  […]

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Thursday 17 January 2019

Williams Robert Henry - Can the police protect us ?

Author : Williams Robert Henry Title : Can the police protect us ? Year : 1952 Link download : Williams_Robert_Henry_-_Can_the_police_protect_us.zip Introduction. Robert H. Williams, a native of West Texas, is a lecturer and news analyst, recognized as an authority on subversive movements. He is a  […]

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Thursday 20 December 2018

Guerber Hélène Adeline - Myths of the Norsemen from the Eddas and Sagas

Author : Guerber Hélène Adeline Title : Myths of the Norsemen from the Eddas and Sagas Year : 1909 Link download : Guerber_Helene_Adeline_-_Myths_of_the_Norsemen_from_the_Eddas_and_Sagas.zip Introduction. The prime importance of the rude fragments of poetry preserved in early Icelandic literature  […]

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Amorc - Secret symbols of the rosicrucians of the 16th and 17th centuries

Author : Amorc Title : Secret symbols of the rosicrucians of the 16th and 17th centuries Year : 1785 Link download : Amorc_-_Secret_symbols_of_the_rosicrucians_of_the_16th_and_17th_centuries.zip First Book. Brought to light for the first time from an old manuscript. ...  […]

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Thursday 29 November 2018

Next leap

Author : Ironmarch Title : Next leap Year : 2015 Link download : Next_leap.zip Preface. An ironmarch anthology. Fascism is a worldview like no other as it strives for a selfless adherence to Truth, and even one step out of line means failure. Thus it is the hardest of paths to walk, especially in  […]

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Saturday 15 September 2018

Ferguson Niall - The House of Rothschild Volume 2

Author : Ferguson Niall Title : The House of Rothschild Volume 2 The World's Banker 1849-1999 Year : 2000 Link download : Ferguson_Niall_-_The_House_of_Rothschild_Volume_2.zip Preface. If we consider the period between 1789 and 1848 as the “age of revolution,” then the Rothschilds were surely its  […]

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Monday 23 July 2018

Jews say so !

Author : The Pelley Publishers Title : There is a jewish world plot. Jews say so ! Year : 1939 Link download : Jews_say_so.zip Is there a world-wide Jewish conspiracy to overthrow all Christian institutions in favor of Judaism? Is Communism merely "Jewry in action"? Is the New Deal a  […]

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