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Monday 25 November 2019

Civilta Cattolica - The jewish question in Europe

Author : Civilta Cattolica Title : The jewish question in Europe The causes, the effects, the remedies Year : 1890 Link download : Civilta_Cattolica_-_The_jewish_question_in_Europe.zip From La Civilta Cattolica, vol. VII, no. XIV. 1890 (Oct, Nov, Dec) (English Translation, 1998). ...  […]

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Thursday 25 July 2019

Maryks Robert Aleksander - The jesuit order as a synagogue of jews

Author : Maryks Robert Aleksander Title : The jesuit order as a synagogue of jews Jesuits of jewish ancestry and purity-of-blood laws in the early society of Jesus Year : 2010 Link download : Maryks_Robert_Aleksander_-_The_jesuit_order_as_a_synagogue_of_jews.zip Introduction. In an email reacting  […]

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Wednesday 3 July 2019

Godman Peter - Hitler and the Vatican

Author : Godman Peter Title : _Hitler and the Vatican Inside the secret archives that reveal the new story of the Nazis and the Church Year : 2004 Link download : Godman_Peter_-_Hitler_and_the_Vatican.zip For years, the policies of the Catholic Church during the rise and terribly destructive rule  […]

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Saturday 17 March 2018

Cusack Mary Francis - The black pope

Author : Cusack Mary Francis Title : The black pope Year : 1896 Link download : Cusack_Mary_Francis_-_The_black_pope.zip A History of the Jesuits. ...  […]

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Thursday 19 October 2017

Segev Tom - C'était en Palestine au temps des coquelicots

Auteur : Segev Tom Ouvrage : C'était en Palestine au temps des coquelicots Année : 2000 Lien de téléchargement : Segev_Tom_-_C_etait_en_Palestine_au_temps_des_coquelicots.zip On se reverra. Sur le versant sud du mont Sion à Jérusalem s’étend un petit cimetière. Un sentier bordé de pins, de cyprès,  […]

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Thursday 25 May 2017

Griesinger Theodor - The jesuits A complete history

Author : Griesinger Theodor Title : The jesuits A complete history of their open and secret proceedings from the foundation of the order to the present time Told to the german people. Year : 1885 Link download : Griesinger_Theodor_-_The_jesuits_A_complete_history.zip The new edition of my  […]

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Monday 6 March 2017

Bacon Edward - Vanished civilizations

Author : Bacon Edward Title : Vanished civilizations Year : 1963 Link download : Bacon_Edward_-_Vanished_civilizations.zip Introduction. Edward Bacon. It is not difficult, and may be rewarding, to think of the ascent of man in terms of the story of the earth on which he lives-of a great land mass,  […]

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Wednesday 18 January 2017

Hendrie Edward - Solving the mystery of Babylon the great

Author : Hendrie Edward Title : Solving the mystery of Babylon the great Tracking the beast from the synagogue to the Vatican Year : 2010 Link download : Hendrie_Edward_-_Solving_the_mystery_of_Babylon_the_great.zip Foreword by Texe Marrs. There are few prophecies in the Holy Bible more  […]

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Thursday 17 November 2016

Lebrun Richard - Joseph de Maistre considerations on France

Author : Lebrun Richard A. Title : Joseph de Maistre considerations on France Year : 1974 Link download : Lebrun_Richard_-_Joseph_de_Maistre_considerations_on_France.zip Joseph de Maistre's considerations on France is the best known French equivalent of Edmund Burke's Reflections on the Revoluton  […]

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Saturday 24 September 2016

Oliver Revilo Pendleton - The three American eras

Author : Oliver Revilo Pendleton Title : The three American eras Seeing what is right in front of you is a prerequisite for action, says noted professor Year : 1983 Link download : Oliver_Revilo_Pendleton_-_The_three_American_eras.zip The jews are a unique race, parasitic and predatory, evidently  […]

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