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Tuesday 28 July 2020

Fagan Myron Coureval - American legion : Take note

Author : Fagan Myron Coureval Title : American legion : Take note Year : * Link download : Fagan_Myron_Coureval_-_American_legion_Take_note.zip Preface. In this review of American Legionnaires who use the name and prestige of the Legion as an umbrella to cover their treacheries and chicaneries on  […]

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Sunday 26 July 2020

Mallory James Patrick - In search of the Indo-Europeans

Author : Mallory James Patrick Title : In search of the Indo-Europeans Language, archaeology and myth Year : 1989 Link download : Mallory_James_Patrick_-_In_search_of_the_Indo-Europeans.zip Foreword. By the first century AD historical records reveal peoples settled from the shores of the Atlantic  […]

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Tuesday 26 May 2020

Van Rensburg Nicolaas - Voice of a prophet

Author : Van Rensburg Nicolaas Title : Voice of a prophet Year : l995 Link download : Van_Rensburg_Nicolaas_-_Voice_of_a_prophet.zip Foreword by the English Translators. It has been a privilege to translate this very important book; a book with a clear message from a prophet of the Almighty God to  […]

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Wednesday 15 April 2020

Friedman Robert - The false prophet rabbi Meir Kahane

Author : Friedman Robert I. Title : The false prophet rabbi Meir Kahane From FBI informant to Knesset member Year : 1990 Link download : Friedman_Robert_-_The_false_prophet_rabbi_Meir_Kahane.zip I first met Rabbi Meir Kahane in December 1979, at his Jerusalem headquarters, a cramped, airless office  […]

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Sunday 27 October 2019

Rotberg Robert Irwin - The founder Cecil Rhodes and the pursuit of power

Author : Rotberg Robert Irwin Title : The founder Cecil Rhodes and the pursuit of power Year : 1988 Link download : Rotberg_Robert_Irwin_-_The_founder_Cecil_Rhodes_and_the_pursuit_of_power.zip "The Grandest Opportunities" A Preface. The agenda was defined a decade ago : "A biography  […]

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Friday 19 April 2019

Isakhan Benjamin - Stockwell Stephen - The secret history of democracy

Authors : Isakhan Benjamin - Stockwell Stephen Title : The secret history of democracy Year : 2011 Link download : Isakhan_Benjamin_-_Stockwell_Stephen_-_The_secret_history_of_democracy.zip Introduction : Democracy and History Benjamin Isakhan and Stephen Stockwell The notion that democracy could  […]

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Monday 4 March 2019

Berresford Ellis Peter - A brief history of the Celts

Author : Berresford Ellis Peter Title : A brief history of the Celts Year : 1998 Link download : Berresford_Ellis_Peter_-_A_brief_history_of_the_Celts.zip Preface. At the start of the first millennium BC, a civilisation which had developed from its Indo- European roots around the headwaters of the  […]

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Sunday 2 December 2018

Open letter to the white man

Author : Ironmarch Title : Open letter to the white man Year : 2012 Link download : Open_letter_to_the_white_man.zip Preface. To those who read it, the style of this work will appear unconventional. This is because it is for a rare purpose, and that is to express an idea. It is not a little idea,  […]

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Wednesday 28 November 2018

Chapel Charles - Hammer of the patriot

Author : Chapel Charles (Zeiger) Title : Hammer of the patriot A handbook on rhetorical counter-terrorism Year : 2014 Link download : Chapel_Charles_-_Hammer_of_the_patriot.zip Chapter I - Introduction. Purpose and use of the book. The striking paradox which becomes apparent when we're exposed to  […]

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Thursday 27 September 2018

Goodrich Thomas - Summer, 1945

Author : Goodrich Thomas Title : Summer, 1945 Germany, Japan and the harvest of hate Year : 2018 Link download : Goodrich_Thomas_-_Summer_1945.zip Foreword. This book is about crime and the evil things evil men do. This book is about words and hate and the powerful price of propaganda. This book is  […]

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