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Friday, August 12 2016

Austin Adams - Subverted nation's basic training for revolutionaries

Author : Austin Adams Title : Subverted nation's basic training for revolutionaries Year : 2009 Link download : Austin_Adams_-_Subverted_nation_s_basic_training_for_revolutionaries.zip Instructions & Introduction. This is the story of history, told by the men who lived it. In their own words,  […]

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Monday, May 2 2016

Kemp Arthur - Bâtir le foyer blanc

Auteur : Kemp Arthur Ouvrage : Bâtir le foyer blanc Une stratégie de survie pour les Européens devant le flot montant des peuples de couleur Année : 2013 Lien de téléchargement : Kemp_Arthur_-_Batir_le_foyer_blanc.zip Préface. Une réponse radicale à la tyrannie de "big other". En dépit de  […]

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Saturday, September 6 2014

Le survivaliste Bienvenue en enfer

Auteur : Anonyme Ouvrage : Le survivaliste Bienvenue en enfer Si la vie était un jeu… la seule règle serait de survivre Année : * Lien de téléchargement : Le_survivaliste_Bienvenue_en_enfer.zip L’homme qui répond aux questions ci-dessous, raconte comment lui et son clan ont survécu pendant un an  […]

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Monday, January 6 2014

The National Socialist political soldiers handbook

Author : Combat 18 Title : The National Socialist political soldiers handbook Year : 2008 Link download : The_National_Socialist_political_soldiers_handbook.zip Code of honour. At Combat 18, one thing we suffer no lack of is media coverage. Read any newspaper article on the issue of race or any  […]

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Tuesday, December 24 2013

A Phoenix journal - 006

Author : A Phoenix journal Title : 006 Year : 1989 Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_006.zip Survival is only ten feet from hell. ...  […]

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Friday, December 13 2013

The seditionist - Leaderless resistance

Author : The seditionist Title : Leaderless resistance Year : 1992 Link download : The_seditionist_-_Leaderless_resistance.zip The concept of Leaderless Resistance was proposed by Col. Ulius Louis Amoss, who was the founder of International Service of Information Incorporated, located in Baltimore,  […]

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Saturday, August 17 2013

Macaba - The road back

Author : Macaba Title : The road back A plan for the restoration of freedom When our country has been taken over by its enemies... Year : 1973 Link download : Macaba_-_The_road_back.zip In the pages of this manual we will attempt to resolve the details of some of the problems that will confront a  […]

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Lane David - Deceived damned and defiant

Author : Lane David Eden Title : Deceived damned and defiant The Revolutionary Writings of David Lane Year : 1999 Link download : Lane_David_-_Deceived_damned_and_defiant.zip White genocide manifesto. Introduction The format of the White Genocide Manifesto is by calculated intent designed to  […]

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Saturday, July 20 2013

LaFlor Erst - The betrayal of the white race

Author : LaFlor Erst Title : The betrayal of the white race Year : 1970 Link download : LaFlor_Erst_-_The_betrayal_of_the_white_race.zip One of the great disappointments that I personally have experienced in my reading and search for truth is that very few men are willing to speak their  […]

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Sunday, June 23 2013

White nationalist position statements

Author : JohnJoyTree Title : White nationalist position statements Year : 2005 Link download : White_nationalist_position_statements.zip POSITION STATEMENT ZERO CONCERNING THE DEFINITION OF "WHITE" AND "WHITE NATIONALIST". PROPOSITION ZERO : A White person is a human being of  […]

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