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Saturday, September 21 2019

Pennick Nigel - The celtic cross

Author : Pennick Nigel Title : The celtic cross An illustrated history and celebration Year : 1997 Link download : Pennick_Nigel_-_The_celtic_cross.zip Introduction. THE CELTS. The Celtic tradition is one of the most recognizable elements of contemporary European culture, and it is also one of the  […]

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Pennick Nigel - Sacred geometry

Author : Pennick Nigel Title : Sacred geometry Symbolism and purpose in religious structures Year : 1980 Link download : Pennick_Nigel_-_Sacred_geometry.zip Introduction. Man is the measure of all things, of being things that they exist, and of nonentities that they do not exist. Protagoras (c.481  […]

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Thursday, August 15 2019

Marrs Texe - Mysterious monuments

Author : Marrs Texe Title : Mysterious monuments Year : 2008 Link download : Marrs_Texe_-_Mysterious_monuments.zip Introduction. Architectural Colossus of the Illuminati. Architecture remained a chosen instrument for the perpetuation of the Grand Design-the building of the perfect world. -Manly P.  […]

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Thursday, December 20 2018

Amorc - Secret symbols of the rosicrucians of the 16th and 17th centuries

Author : Amorc Title : Secret symbols of the rosicrucians of the 16th and 17th centuries Year : 1785 Link download : Amorc_-_Secret_symbols_of_the_rosicrucians_of_the_16th_and_17th_centuries.zip First Book. Brought to light for the first time from an old manuscript. ...  […]

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Friday, October 6 2017

Salonius Pippa - Worm Andrea - The tree

Authors : Salonius Pippa - Worm Andrea Title : The tree Symbol, allegory, and mnemonic device in medieval art and thought Year : 2014 Link download : Salonius_Pippa_-_Worm_Andrea_-_The_tree.zip Preface. The tree with its vital character - growing, growering, extending its roots into the ground and  […]

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Saturday, December 12 2015

Delyth Jen - Celtic folk soul

Author : Delyth Jen Title : Celtic folk soul Art, myth & symbol Year : 2008 Link download : Delyth_Jen_-_Celtic_folk_soul.zip For all poetry is in a sense memory: all art, indeed is a mnemonic gathering of the innumerable and lost into the found and unique. Fiona Macleod “From the Hills of  […]

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Sunday, May 10 2015

Andersen Hans Christian - Fairy tales

Author : Andersen Hans Christian Title : Fairy tales Year : 18* Link download : Andersen_Hans_Christian_-_Fairy_tales.zip A Story. By the Almshouse Window. The Angel. Anne Lisbeth. Beauty of Form and Beauty of Mind. The Beetle who went on his Travels. The Bell. The Bell−deep. The Bird of Popular  […]

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Monday, May 26 2014

Wilson Thomas - The Swastika

Author : Wilson Thomas Title : The Swastika Year : 1896 Link download : Wilson_Thomas_-_The_Swastika.zip The earliest known symbol, and its migrations, with observations on the migration of certain industries in prehistoric times. ...  […]

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Sunday, January 5 2014

Scholem Gershom Gerhard - On the kabbalah and its symbolism

Author : Scholem Gershom Gerhard Title : On the kabbalah and its symbolism Year : 1969 Link download : Scholem_Gershom_Gerhard_-_On_the_kabbalah_and_its_symbolism.zip Introduction. The Kabbalah, literally 'tradition,' that is, the tradition of things divine, is the sum of Jewish mysticism. It has  […]

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Friday, November 22 2013

Weston Warren - Father of lies

Author : Weston Warren Title : Father of lies The secret occult history, symbolism, ceremonies and practices of the jews exposed Year : 1938 Link download : Weston_Warren_-_Father_of_lies.zip Preface to the new edition. The serious reader may be aware already of the plan for a oneworld,  […]

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