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Sunday, June 24 2018

Trevor-Roper Hugh - The age of expansion Europe and the world 1559-1660

Author : Trevor-Roper Hugh Redwald Title : The age of expansion Europe and the world 1559-1660 Year : 1968 Link download : Trevor-Roper_Hugh_-_The_age_of_expansion_Europe_and_the_world_1559-1660.zip Foreword. Hugh Trevor-Roper. This is the seventh volume in a series which seeks to illustrate as  […]

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Sunday, April 9 2017

Collins Andrew - Göbekli Tepe Genesis of the gods

Author : Collins Andrew Title : Göbekli Tepe Genesis of the gods The temple of the watchers and the discovery of Eden Year : 2014 Link download : Collins_Andrew_-_Gobekli_Tepe_Genesis_of_the_gods.zip Introduction. By Graham Hancock. The new millennium promised much - the rising of Atlantis, the  […]

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Saturday, January 14 2017

Rice David Talbot - The dawn of European civilization

Author : Rice David Talbot Title : The dawn of European civilization The dark ages Year : 1965 Link download : Rice_David_Talbot_-_The_dawn_of_European_civilization.zip Introduction. The Myth of the 'Dark Ages'. David Talbot Rice. UNTIL NOT so LONG AGO it was sufficient for a student of the age in  […]

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Thursday, April 17 2014

Greenspahn Frederick E. - An introduction to aramaic

Author : Greenspahn Frederick E. Title : An introduction to aramaic Year : 1999 Link download : Greenspahn_Frederick_E_-_An_introduction_to_aramaic.zip Preface. This book is intended for students who are just beginning to study Aramaic. Seldom is it the language’s inherent value which attracts such  […]

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Saturday, December 28 2013

A Phoenix journal - 244

Author : A Phoenix journal Title : 244 Year : 1998 Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_244.zip CHAPTER 1. NEWS DESK SPECIAL REPORT by Dr. Al Overholt 5/30/98. THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND: MIND CONTROL Newly De-Classified U.S. Electronic. Harassment Technologies. From the INTERNET, courtesy of Calvin  […]

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Monday, April 1 2013

Iseman Myre - Race Suicide

Author : Iseman Myre Title : Race Suicide Year : 1912 Link download : Iseman_Myre_-_Race_Suicide.zip The purpose of this book is to make the American people think, to appeal to my fellow-countrymen to stay the practice of a great national sin whose consequence is to toll the passing of this great  […]

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Monday, March 11 2013

Pierce William Luther - Who We Are

Author : Pierce William Luther Title : Who We Are: a Series of Articles on the History of the White Race Year : 1966 Link download : Pierce_William_Luther_-_Who_We_Are.zip Unity & Diversity in Nature, but Never Equality. Miscegenation Stifles Evolutionary Progress. Changing Climate Sped  […]

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Wednesday, January 16 2013

Naayem Joseph - Shall this nation die

Author : Naayem Joseph Title : Shall this nation die Year : 1920 Link download : Naayem_Joseph_-_Shall_this_nation_die.zip The bloodstained annals of the East contain no record of massacres more unprovoked, more widespread or more terrible than those perpetrated by the Turkish Government upon the  […]

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Monday, October 22 2012

Litynski William P. - Nazi German armed Forces Affirmative action

Author : Litynski William P. Title : Nazi German armed Forces Affirmative action Year : 1903 Link download : Litynski_William_P_-_Nazi_German_armed_Forces_Affirmative_action.zip Chiang Wei-kuo (left), the adopted son of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, served as a commander of a panzer division  […]

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Tuesday, August 7 2012

Decourdemanche Jean-Adolphe - Wild life among the Koords

Author : Decourdemanche Jean-Adolphe (Millingen Frederick - Bey Osman Seifi - Andrejevich Vladimir - Kibrizli-Zadé) Title : Wild life among the Koords Year : 1870 Link download : Decourdemanche_Jean-Adolphe_-_Wild_life_among_the_Koords.zip A STRIKING proof of the power exerted over the human mind  […]

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