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Sunday, July 26 2020

Wise David - The invisible government

Authors : Wise David - Ross Thomas B. Title : The invisible government Year : 1964 Link download : Wise_David_-_The_invisible_government.zip The Invisible Government. There are two governments in the United States today. One is visible. The other is invisible. The first is the government that  […]

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Smoot Dan - The invisible government

Author : Smoot Dan Title : The invisible government Year : 1962 Link download : Smoot_Dan_-_The_invisible_government.zip Foreword. When The Invisible Government was first published fifteen years ago, almost no one had heard of the Council on Foreign Relations and its affiliated organizations, and  […]

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Tansill Charles - America goes to war

Author : Tansill Charles Callan Title : America goes to war Year : 1938 Link download : Tansill_Charles_-_America_goes_to_war.zip Preface. This volume is the result of a decade of research into the reasons why America went to war in 1917. In Germany, through the courtesy of that distinguished  […]

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Saturday, July 25 2020

Nelson Phillip F. - Remember the Liberty !

Author : Nelson Phillip F. Title : Remember the Liberty Almost sunk by treason on the high seas Year : 2017 Link download : Nelson_Phillip_F_-_Remember_the_Liberty.zip Preface. A Message from The Inferno by Edgar F. Tatro. All the following slice of testimony what you will … an epiphany… a  […]

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Tuesday, July 21 2020

Davis Deborah - Katharine the great

Author : Davis Deborah Title : Katharine the great Katharine Graham and her Washington post Year : 1991 Link download : Davis_Deborah_-_Katharine_the_great.zip On June 17, 1972, five men were arrested for a burglary at the Democratic National Headquarters in the Watergate complex in Washington,  […]

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Sunday, July 19 2020

Brzezinski Zbigniew - The permanent purge

Author : Brzezinski Zbigniew Title : The permanent purge Year : 1956 Link download : Brzezinski_Zbigniew_-_The_permanent_purge.zip Introduction. THIS is a study of the totalitarian purge, one of the most challenging and baffling phenomena of totalitarianism in action. This study does not claim to  […]

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Brzezinski Zbigniew - Strategic vision

Author : Brzezinski Zbigniew Title : Strategic vision America and the crisis of global power Year : 2012 Link download : Brzezinski_Zbigniew_-_Strategic_vision.zip Introduction. THE WORLD IS NOW INTERACTIVE AND INTERDEPENDENT. IT IS ALSO, for the first time, a world in which the problems of human  […]

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Brzezinski Zbigniew - Second chance

Author : Brzezinski Zbigniew Title : Second chance Year : 2007 Link download : Brzezinski_Zbigniew_-_Second_chance.zip Three presidents and the crisis of american superpower. ...  […]

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Brzezinski Zbigniew - Scowcroft Brent - America and the world

Authors : Brzezinski Zbigniew - Scowcroft Brent Title : America and the world Year : 2008 Link download : Brzezinski_Zbigniew_-_Scowcroft_Brent_-_America_and_the_world.zip Introduction. This book is an invitation to join a conversation with two of the wisest observers of American foreign policy,  […]

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Friedrich Carl Joachim - Brzezinski Zbigniew - Totalitarian dictatorship and autocracy

Authors : Friedrich Carl Joachim - Brzezinski Zbigniew Title : Totalitarian dictatorship and autocracy Year : 1965 Link download : Friedrich_Carl_Joachim_-_Brzezinski_Zbigniew_-_Totalitarian_dictatorship_and_autocracy.zip Foreword to the revised edition. The numerous developments in the practice of  […]

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