Wean Gary L. - The Anatomy of a Conspiracy of Race Riots & Revolution

Author : Wean Gary L.
Title : The Anatomy of a Conspiracy of Race Riots & Revolution
Year : 1994

Link download : Wean_Gary_L_-_The_Anatomy_of_a_Conspiracy_of_Race_Riots_and_Revolution.zip

This is a notice. Wednesday, August 10, 1994. A claim and demand for the $500,000.00 reward posted by O.J. Simpson, “for tips” (information) leading to the exposure and arrest of the killers of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The main object and purpose of O.J. Simpson’s posting this reward is to confirm to the public that he is innocent of all charges in this matter—this requested confirmation to the public is herein and hereby made certain. Said above sum is to be paid to Gary L. Wean no later than ten days after delivery (service) of these documents to O.J. Simpson or his defense lawyer, Robert Shapiro or LeRoy Taft, his business attorney. This barbarous conspiratorial plot’s full intent is the total destruction and the takeover of city, county and state civil governments through unbelievable chaos, massive uncontrollable racial riots, pitting White and Black people against each other, thrown at each others’ throats in deadly combat by lies and instigations conjured by the sinister provocateurs of a mysterious Crime Family. Looting, burning, murder and mayhem in an eradication of Christian Americans’ values and ways of life forever. But wait. Before proceeding further with such an exposé of the evil conspiracy of America’s destruction, a fearful word has reared its head. Paranoia! “My God!”, the Christians cry. We are talking paranoia!! For God’s sake, the last thing in the world I want to be called is paranoid. It could ruin me, just the slightest implication alone is devastating if they put it on you. Webster calls it, “A chronic mental disorder, characterized by delusions of persecution.” But this is not so; for once, Mr. Webster is wrong. I came upon an amazing thing: paranoia is not a shameful, to be shunned mental disorder at all. A man, Thomas Pynchon, who, to my positive thinking, will go down in history as one of the greatest philosophers (the general laws that furnish the rational explanation of anything) of all time, ancient Chinese and Greek philosophers included. Pynchon clarifies paranoia rationally in an eye-opening fashion with merely a few words: “Paranoia is the leading edge of the awareness that everything is connected.” Suddenly you realize, you awaken, the picture is clear, you are not becoming mentally disordered at all. You have been merely, slowly becoming aware that all the dastardly, evil past events that have been occurring and are still taking place have emanated from a single source; everything is connected. Holding this enlightening knowledge you can no longer be frightened, intimidated or deterred from your fight for truth and freedom with silly accusations of just a word, paranoia. One more thing must be completely understood by loyal Americans in this deadly, last chance, conflict to save Christians and their families. The enemy, this single source must be glaringly identified, and spotlighted under full beam once and for all, unveiled for everyone to see and know with no doubt in their mind whatsoever remaining as to who and what it is. And this will be done. Everyone who reads a newspaper or watches TV has heard about the Mafia (the Italian Crime Family), and no doubt has heard about the Jakuza (the Japanese Crime Family), and the Triad Society (the Chinese Crime Family) and the Mexican Mafia (The Mexican Crime Family). In my book, “There’s a Fish in the Courthouse” (first printed in 1987), Chapter 40 acknowledged the existence of all these crime families operating in America many years ago. We will get to the real enemy, the real “Crime Family” shortly. ...

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