Wednesday 16 October 2019

Steiner Rudolf - The karma of vocation

Author : Steiner Rudolf
Title : The karma of vocation
Year : 1944

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Lecture 1. Tomorrow I shall begin my discussion of the problems related to the connection of the spiritual scientific impulses with various unclarified tasks of the present time, and the influence that spiritual science must exert on individual, especially scientific, problems. Then I should like to refer to what I may call, in the sense of the fifth post-Atlantean cultural epoch, the karma of human vocation. Today I shall take as my point of departure something that seemingly has little to do with that theme, but it will afford an opportunity to connect various related matters. I shall endeavor to point out the element in Goethe's life that characterizes him especially as a personality of the fifth post-Atlantean epoch, and much to which I have recently referred will, of course, be echoed in my remarks. I should like to bring before your souls the very facts pertaining to this personality that will enable anyone to distinguish important phenomena of the advancing post-Atlantean cultural epoch. In relation to the spiritual interests of humanity, the life and personality of Goethe are comprehensive and decisive to an extent that can hardly be ascribed to any other individual. Still, it may also be said that, in spite of much that has occurred, his life and personality have had the least possible effect on our lives. This, however, must be attributed to the very nature of our modern culture. It may be asked how it can possibly be said that the life of Goethe has remained without effect. Are not his works known? Has not an edition of his works, consisting of hundreds of volumes, been published recently? Did not his published letters number six or seven thousand by the turn of the century, and today number almost ten thousand? Is there not a wealth of literature concerning Goethe, one might almost say in every civilized language? Do not his works continue to be produced on stage? Is not his major work, Faust, brought again and again before the minds of men ? ...

Steiner Rudolf - The electronic Doppelgänger

Author : Steiner Rudolf Title : The electronic Doppelgänger The mystery of the double in the age of the internet Year : 2013 Link download : Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925) called his spiritual philosophy ‘anthroposophy’, meaning ‘wisdom of the human  […]

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Steiner Rudolf - Guidance in esoteric training

Author : Steiner Rudolf Title : Guidance in esoteric training Year : 1961 Link download : Prefatory Note. The contents of this book are selected from the matter of Rudolf Steiner's Esoteric School. The School remained in existence for ten years  […]

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Friday 4 October 2019

Thomas Gordon - Robert Maxwell, Israel’s superspy

Authors : Thomas Gordon - Dillon Martin_ Title : Robert Maxwell, Israel’s superspy The life and murder of a media mogul Year : 2002 Link download : Authors' Note. To the interviewees and secondary sources all we express gratitude; without their  […]

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Sunday 29 September 2019

Grove Richard - The truth about the Rothschilds

Author : Grove Richard Title : The truth about the Rothschilds Year : 2016 Link download : Preface. There are a multitude of resources on the international banking dynasty known as the Rothschilds; Appendix 1 of this project contains a list of 44  […]

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Saturday 28 September 2019

Dimont Max Isaac - Jews, God and history

Author : Dimont Max Isaac Title : Jews, God and history Year : 1962 Link download : Preface. At the time of his death in 1992, Max Dimont was in the process of updating Jews, God and History. Having worked with him from the time he started thinking about  […]

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Dimont Max Isaac - Appointment in Jerusalem

Author : Dimont Max Isaac Title : Appointment in Jerusalem Year : 1991 Link download : Introduction. Though based on the scholarly works and sources listed in the bibliography, this book is not intended for scholars. It is intended as a popular book  […]

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Saturday 21 September 2019

Pennick Nigel - The celtic cross

Author : Pennick Nigel Title : The celtic cross An illustrated history and celebration Year : 1997 Link download : Introduction. THE CELTS. The Celtic tradition is one of the most recognizable elements of contemporary European culture, and it is also one of the  […]

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Pennick Nigel - Witchcraft and secret societies of rural England

Author : Pennick Nigel Title : Witchcraft and secret societies of rural England The magic of Toadmen, plough witches, mummers, and bonesmen Year : 2019 Link download : Introduction. Keeping Up the Day. Listen, lords, both great  […]

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Pennick Nigel - Sacred geometry

Author : Pennick Nigel Title : Sacred geometry Symbolism and purpose in religious structures Year : 1980 Link download : Introduction. Man is the measure of all things, of being things that they exist, and of nonentities that they do not exist. Protagoras (c.481  […]

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