Rucker Della G. - A proud heritage History of Czech settlements

Author : Rucker Della G.
Title : A proud heritage History of Czech settlements Kewaunee & Manitowoc Counties Wisconsin
Year : 1994

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In the Old County. fu the last half of the 1800's, Wisconsin became the new home of over one million European immigrants, in one of the largest resettlements of that century. These new residents came from lands across Europe - from Iceland to Serbia, and from Russia to Wales. They arrived with few belongings, often little money, and usually big dreams. Sometimes those dreams had been fed by advertisements that read to many like an invitation to the Promised Land : "Come ! In Wisconsin all men are free and equal before the law. Religious freedom is absolute and there is not the slightest connection between church and state. In Wisconsin no religious qualification is necessary for office or to constitute a voter; all that is required is for the man to be 21 years of age and to have lived in the state one year." ...

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