Eggleston Edward - The ultimate solution of the american negro problem

Author : Eggleston Edward
Title : The ultimate solution of the american negro problem
Year : 1913

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In the early chapters of this volume I have attempted to place this important economic and social problem on a strictly scientific footing. And when I use the word ''science," I mean ascertained facts, accumulated, systematized knowledge, formulated for the discovery of general laws. Whether or not I have succeeded in this remains to be determined by the impartial reader. If my scientific bases prove to have been well founded I believe it will be admitted that the work presents the key to the situation. No doubt it will appear to some that I have gone too much into detail and presented facts, figures and illustrations that do not directly bear upon the theme. In other words the foundation may seem too heavy for the superstructure. To this I reply: that if by such elaboration the scientific matter contained in the first six chapters has been established in the mind of the reader as the true origin, descent and quality of the Negro mind and character I have succeeded in the task set before me. The rest of the book is largely dependent upon the admission of the fundamental truths set forth in these early chapters. Regarding the accuracy of my deductions and predictions, the intelligent reader and future history constitute the just and logical arbitors. It remains to be added that statistics of the thirteenth census—just now available—completely confirm my predictions concerning the relative numerical decline of the Negro during the decade ending with 1 910. None of these figures were available until after my manuscript was ready for the press. For many courtesies and valuable aid in securing Information I am greatly indebted to the Virginia State Library and through It to the Congressional Library at Washington. Likewise I acknowledge indebtedness to many studious friends who have aided with suggestions and reviews of my manuscripts. Darwin, Amelia, Va., Sept. 1, 1912. ...

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