Randle E. H. - Plurality of the human race

Author : Randle E. H.
Title : Plurality of the human race According to the teachings both of the bible and of science
Year : 1911

Link download : Randle_E_H_-_Plurality_of_the_human_race.zip

In the heat of debate a strangeness of antagonism has arisen between Christianity and skepticism - a strangeness that perhaps never appeared in any worldwide discussion. The Christians are leaving no stone unturned to find evidence of the unity of the human race; the skeptics, with equal zeal, push their investigations for proof of the same thing - the former to sustain the teachings of Scripture, the latter to cast a doud over them. The former insist that the Bible teaches the unity ; that to deny this is to cast a cloud on the Bible. The latter insist that, if evolution is true, the doctrine of a special creation is false. We maintain that the Bible, nature, and history, separately and collectively, teach the plurality of the human race. It must be remembered that Genesis is a part of the history of the Adamites preserved through the Jewish people to show the relation of Adam to Christ. In such a history other races than Adam's would be mentioned only in connection with the Adamites, and no attempt to give their origin or history would be made. ...

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