Short Martin - Inside the brotherhood

Author : Short Martin
Title : Inside the brotherhood Further secrets of the freemasons
Year : 1989

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Martin Sliort wrote. produced and narrated tbe prize-winning ПV documentary series оп the Маfш in America. Crimг lncorporated. То accompany the series, Ье wrote Crime /пс.: А History о/ Organized Crime in America. In addition to writing feature articles for Тhе Times, the Spectator, New Statesman, Тiте Out and Special Forces, he co-autbored (in 1977) The Fall of Scotlllnd Yard, about police corruption in Loodon. Не is also the author of Lundy: The Destruction of Scotland У ard's Finest Detective (1991). After reading history at Cambridge University, he worked - from 1969 to 1984- on major current affairs programmes for the rгv companies ТЬаmеs, Granada and London Weekend (on the Lebanon) and for Channel 4's Dispatches series (оп the international anns trade). In 1988 he preseoted Charlie Richardson and the British Mafia for Longshot Productions and Channel 4. His series based on lnside the Brotherhood appeared on IТV in 1989, and in 1994 he produced and presented the IТV series Gangsrers. ...

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