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Sunday, April 28 2013

Lundberg Ferdinand - America's 60 Families

Author : Lundberg Ferdinand Title : America's 60 Families Year : 1937 Link download : Foreword. IN THIS work we arc not concerned with the methods, legal or illegal, by which the great American fortunes of today were created. These fortunes exist.  […]

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Monday, April 15 2013

Lundberg Ferdinand - Imperial Hearst A social biography

Author : Lundberg Ferdinand Title : Imperial Hearst A social biography Year : 1936 Link download : Ferdinand Lundberg was born in Chicago in 1902 of Norwegian and Swedish parentage, and was educated in the public schools there, in Crane  […]

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Tuesday, July 17 2012

Lundberg Ferdinand - The rich and the super-rich

Author : Lundberg Ferdinand Title : The rich and the super-rich A Study in the Power of Money Today Year : 1968 Link download : One THE ELECT AND THE DAMNED. Most Americans - citizens of the wealthiest, most powerful and most ideal-swathed  […]

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