Springmeier Fritz - The Watchtower and The Masons A Preliminary Investigation

Author : Springmeier Fritz
Title : The Watchtower and The Masons A Preliminary Investigation A fresh look reveals NEW Insights into one of today's leading heresies.
Year : 1990

Link download : Springmeier_Fritz_-_The_Watchtower_and_The_Masons_A_Preliminary_Investigation.zip

AUTHOR'S PREFACE. The subject of this book touches almost everyone's life. Yet, many will not immediately see any connection. Many people if you ask them have only vague ideas about the Jehovah's Witnesses and Masons. To them the JWs are some overzealous people with some twisted religion, and the Masons are some group related to benevolence like the Shriners and their hospitals. Without a doubt, many people will not see any connection between their own lives, the Jehovah's Witnesses, and the Freemasons. A number of people have advocated that "Truth without love is too hard; Love without truth is too soft." This author firmly believes this. It's time to wake people up from their slumber. The Second Tower of Babel There is a coming New World Order planned by the secretive leaders of the Jehovah's Witnesses that should scare the socks off anyone including the JWs themselves. However, if this New World Order were only in the hands of Jehovah's Witnesses to initiate, we could relax, because they have only minimal political clout, few guns, and teach nonparticipation in war. It's when we get the bigger picture that we realize these people are talking about something serious. This author's research has led him to conclude that the 1- world-government 1-world-religion that the New Age has planned for us, and the 1-world-government and 1-worldreligion that the Freemasons such as the Grand Orient have planned, and the Watchtower Society's New Order are one and the same. Before you dismiss this as sensationalism, you owe it to yourself to investigate a scheme that has enough high calibre people of all walks of life worldwide involved in bringing it to fruition. Like the French Revolution, many people may be involved without realizing what is taking place. Some may unwittingly support this new revolution. Perhaps it may be only such help as your neighbor giving a small "donation" for a WT book. Your neighbor may then go back into his house, and as he watches the news feel frustrated because what he sees happening in world events does not make sense to him. The Witnesses' literature will provide him a prepackaged explanation of world events. Once he buys into this, he is theirs. However, this book gives the reader the inside story about that prepackaged explanation. Also we will find out that there are three groups with identical plans for a New World Order. The reader will also find out that these three are connectioned. This book is a preliminary investigation. Should the good Lord see fit, it will someday be followed with more pertinent information. The book begins with curiosity about the Jehovah's Witnesses strangeness. It proceeds to examine the story of their founder Pastor Charles Taze Russell. Because Russell's history is a liability to the Society, they have tried to distance themselves from C.T. Russell, while at the same time in general carrying forth his ideas. The Author has confirmed Russell's Masonic membership. Now the reader knows the bottom line even though Chapter two and three are written in a very speculative fashion. However, they call an array of facts and clues to the reader's attention. Facts that call for answers. This book was never intended to answer all the reader's questions. This publication has always been intended as a vehicle to get people to think. Everyday we act on plausibilities, so it is nothing unusual for this Author to ask the reader to think, peruse these clues, and then to investigate further on his own into these things. The book covers the second WT President's modus operandi in covering up the use of a demonic WT healing device. It also shows how demons played the crucial role in channeling information to the Watchtower leaders. Each of these items is just a piece in the puzzle about who these men are, and what their objectives are. This book will help you understand the mindset of the first two presidents of the WT Society. ...

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