Mathez J.-A. - Past, Present Times and the Jewish Question - III

Author : Mathez J.-A.
Title : Past, Present Times and the Jewish Question - III
Year : 1965

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1. Complete break-up of society according to the symptoms met with in all countries, as indicated in chapter 1, p. 10, Judeo-masonry being responsible for this lamentable state of affairs ; they must be denouneed for it here, as we have already donc in our letter to the Attorney General of the Swiss Confederation. A particularly dramatic situation at Basle and Zurich with regard to sexual crimes involving teenagers and adolescents (p. 16 of the French text). The situation is aggravated by the systematic policy of suspended sentences, also of Judeo-Masonic origin, to such an extent that delinquency in Switzerland doubled between 1953 and 1963. In this connection, the Jews say in the Protocols of Zion 10: "When we have injected the poison of liberalism into state organizations... the states will be infected with a mortal disease, and we have but to wait for their final death throes." (Protocols of Zion, edit. Vieille-France p. 68). 595 The latest gimmick to be introduced in our schools is audiovisual teaching, also of Judeo-Masonic origin. On this point, Protocol 16, whose title "Destroy education" speaks for itself, says : "The method consisting in subjugating thought operates already thanks to what is called visual education (Editor's note : this was written as long ago as 1885). This method will aholish all cerebral activity in the goyim and turn them into obedient animals which. need to sec to, understand." (Ditto, p. 100). Earlier in this book, I have said that the Jews who perpetrated — with all due respect to Mr. R. Payot, editor of the Journal de Genève — physical ritual crimes against the children of Christians in the Middle Ages, have replaced these today with mental ritual crimes ! Here we have an excellent example : we are becoming "obedient animals." "Obedient animals" : Protocols of Zion (edit. V.F., P. 100). Who does not know that throughout the world today, the press, the newspapers, periodicals and magazines, all with but very few exceptions, bow down to the law of the Jews. 2. Very serions failure of governments everywhere ; in Switzerland very serious failure on the part of the Federal Council, the highest executive authority, which, in 1963, lectured everyone about wages (workers) and prices (big firms) and which, only a few weeks later, voted itself, on its own initiative, an increase of over 40 per cent. in its allowance. Fatal repercussions throughout the country, the people's money thrown into the gutter. According to the Jews, in Protocols 5, p. 50 (edit. VF.) : "The most important problem facing our government is to undermine public opinion..." 3. The whole of Switzerland a prey to games of chance exploited in all freedom by the political parties in French-speaking Switzerland, at any rate, and probably in German-speaking Switzerland too, going so far, in order to attract and capture public attention, as to paste up large-size posters in the streets (Loterie Romande = Lottery of French-speaking Switzerland 28.1.65) without any reaction on the part of the State or Church. Always these attacks on public opinion through the Protocols of Zion as we have just seen. And always these political parties that have turned into public calamities ! ...

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