Delaisi Francis - The inevitable War

Author : Delaisi Francis (Delaisi François-Almire)
Title : The inevitable War
Year : 1911

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FOREWORD. It has often been stated that France entered the war from a lust for " revenge " ; and there can be no doubt that the political leaders used this word as a hattie cry. An entirely different explanation of the reasons why France is spilling her life's blood on the battle field to-day is contained in a pamphlet " La Guerre qui vient," by Francis Delaisi, published by " La Guerre Sociale" in Paris in 1911. With almost prophetie vision the author saw European events shaping themselves to an inevitable crisis. He had detected the conspiracy of the men in high places, but his voice was not powerful enough to dispel it. Knowing the French and their chivalry and ready response to courteous advances, he feared the English friendship, because he refused to shut his eyes to the many signs that pointed to England's determination to free herself from German trade-rivalry. Lord Kitchener, moreover, had said that the frontier of English interests in Europe was not the Channel but the Meuse in Belgium. This meant a continental war, and in such a war, Delaisi reasoned, both sides would have need of France. The English would need the French soldiers, and the Germans the French money. Delaisi was not an accurate prophet in everything. He underestimated the gritty fight which England has shown herself capable of waging even on land. And he entirely undervalued the financial strength of Germany. The European conditions, however, which brought about the war, he clearly discemed, and simply and forcefully described. This is the reason why a reprint of his pamphlet has seemed timely. The English translation will carry the knowledge of the causes of the war into wider circles than the original pamphlet was able to do four years ago or a mere reprint could do to-day. The French title, literally translated, reads " The Coming War." Toward the end of his book, however, Delaisi referred to this war as" The Inevitable War,'' and since the great struggle he prophesied is now actually devastating Europe, " The Inevitable War " seemed to be the most appropriate title for the English translation. The final question, " Who will start the war? " or, re-written for to-da y, " Who started the war?" Delaisi left unanswered. After finishing the book, the reader will be in a position to judge for himself, unless he prefers to suspend judgment and to say with the French, "Tout comprendre c'est tout pardonner." BOSTON, July, 1915. ...

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