Lincoln Rockwell George - White Power

Author : Lincoln Rockwell George
Title : White Power
Year : 1967

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DEATH RATTLE. Sitting in the darkened theatre, you are at first conscious of the audience coughing, and whispering. Then there is the rustling noise of the curtain going up a very silent noise, but you can hear it. The stage is pitch black. A powerful spotlight stabs into the darkness. It reveals a live chicken crucified on a miniature cross. You hear the audience gasp almost in unison. Then a young girl in leotards comes out, slashes the throat of the chicken, unties its wings and legs from the cross and lets it run around the stage with its blood spurting until it falls dead. The stage lights up. The girl takes off her leotards, and picks up a large doll. Howling and giggling, she twists the arms and legs off the doll. Then she lies down, naked, and a huge male comes out with a razor -and shaves the White girl's private parts. They get into a burlap bag and, standing up, engage in sexual intercourse. Finally, the girl emerges from the bag and her naked flesh is rubbed all over with wet spaghetti. You have just been to a performance of the "New Theatre," a "happening" - a classic example of the way Shakespeare has been "improved" by Jean-Jacques Lebel, the producer of the above nightmare. Not to be outdone by "Whites," the Negro race is doing its share to create the same sort of "New Theatre." TIME magazine reports that Le Roi Jones, the Negro "playwright,' puts on a play appropriately called "The Toilet." As the curtain goes up, we see a White boy being held with his head in a urinal by a Negro, while other Negroes actually urinate on the White boy on stage. According to Le Roi's play, the White boy has been trying to get the Negroes to engage in homosexual acts with him, and the Negroes are chastising him by beating him up, stuffing his head in the urinal and actually urinating on his face. Not only is this play actually staged, without public protest, but U.S. tax payers subsidized this degeneracy with $40,000 in federal funds; (U. S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT, December 13, 1965) In Berkeley, California, the newspaper at the University of California advertises naked sex orgies of the Sexual Freedom League. There are advertisements such as "Slave wants Master," in which masochists want sadists to chain and beat them. These degenerates now brazenly push for naked sex and homosexuality - IN PUBLIC. Their program states, "We would rather see a sex organ in the hands of a child than a war toy." They do not specify WHOSE sex organ. This is distributed freely to innocent young girls on the campus. In San Francisco, under the auspices of a rabbi, the homosexuals hold a formal "ball." In Washington, D. C., in the Sheraton-Park Hotel, the homosexuals, both "male" arid "female" hold an official convention, and lobby against any restrictions on their spreading filth. They picket the White House for freedom to "marry" each other. Queers DO get "married" and live together in public. And nobody really protests! Women have been wearing pants for such a long time that it is no longer noticed. But now the "American Observer" newspaper reports that "men" are taking to long hair, cosmetics, perfume, lipstick, and feminine clothes as "high fashion," until it's hard to tell males from females any more among so-called young "mods." Finally, the first skirts are appearing on men! The Associated Press tells us, on May 22, 1966, that there is a huge, milliondollar business in making FALSE EYELASHES for U.S. businessmen! - not just for queers, but ordinary businessmen! TIME magazine for December 9, 1966, describes a Boston opera production including a wild and completely nude SEX ORGY on stage. Herds of animals are slaughtered and naked men and women run riot! This is taken seriously as "art." The police do nothing. United Press International reports that Richmond Professional Institute, with lovely White girls in attendance, has chosen a negress, Beatrice Wynn, as "Beauty Queen" in once-proud Richmond, Virginia. Again, no protest! In Middlesex, England, (a White nation even further along on the road to degeneracy than the U.S.A.) the District Post for March 25, 1965, presents a photograph of a college play about Christ and the Disciples. Christ is portrayed by a Jamaican Negro, while all the White Disciples are shown on their knees before this arrogant black buck, posing as Jesus Christ. In Berkeley, California, an "Anti-Vietnam War Committee' puts out a booklet telling American youth how to duck military service. The pamphlet, called "Brief Notes on Ways and Means of Beating the Draft," list the following methods for our youth to avoid fighting for their country. ...

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