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Author : App Austin Joseph
Title : Revisionist Pamphlets
Year : 19**

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A STRAIGHT LOOK AT THE THIRD REICH. Hitler and National Socialism, How Right? How Wrong? (Material underlined for emphasis in the original is capitalized here.) Decades after Unconditional Surrender, an objective look at the Third Reich and National Socialism is long overdue. Three recent trips to Germany have convinced me that any German policy which is patriotic and national - as truly German as we want American policy to be truly American - one which is firmly anti-communistic and yet not slavishly subservient to the Western victors, will be denounced as neo- Nazi. Yet unless Germany can soon generate such a policy into office, it seems destined to fall under the domination of Soviet Russia. GREEN LIGHT FOR SOVIETS TO INVADE Indeed, the United Nations Charter (in Articles 53 and 107) reserves to Soviet Russia the right to invade West Berlin and West Germany whenever it can allege a revival there of neo-Nazism OR militarism. Every time anyone accuses anything in West Germany or in Austria as NEO-NAZI he is flashing a green light to Soviet Russia to invade these FORMER ENEMIES. When in 1968 West Germany faintly protested the Red invasion of Czechoslovakia, Moscow pointed to Articles 53 and 107 and convulsed Bonn with terror and silence. And blackmailed it into ratifying the Red theft of the Oder-Neisse territories one fourth of Germany and to sanction the expulsion of its fifteen million inhabitants (which includes the Sudeten Germans) and the murder of 2,500,000! And in the Moscow-Bonn treaty, West Germany had to endorse Articles 53 and 107! Yet a nation whom the victors do not allow to be nationalistic cannot long remain a nation; it will go the way the Soviet Zone of Germany and Czechoslovakia have gone right under the noses of the Anglo-American champions of democracy! The worldwide Communistic conspiracy and a lingering Morgenthauism have succeeded in labeling all German patriotism as NEO-NAZI and to keep representing the Third Reich as monstrously evil, and National Socialism as the most Satanic governmental philosophy and system in the world! IT IS HIGH TIME TO TAKE AN HONEST LOOK The time is overdue to investigate what validity this judgment has and who is behind it. According to some signs, what is not totally evil is National Socialism, and what IS totally evil is the propaganda of the Unconditional Surrenderists! For example, I was jolted when the very respectable German paper, DEUTSCHE ZEITUNG: CHRIST UND WELT, "War Hitler ein grosser Man?" (April 18, 1969) dutifully denies that Hitler was great, complains that he ruined Germany, but dares to cite as one small, positive accomplishment of his that he "broke up class structure of bourgeois Germany and created a condition of social equality." In other words, National Socialism, it appears, was an instrument for social democracy, and this is really the most Christian element of democracy! This would represent a huge hunk of good in National Socialism! GENERAL WEDEMEYER ALSO FOUND GOOD ASPECTS While absorbing this revelation in the anti-Nazi DEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, I happened to re-read WEDEMEYER REPORTS (Devin-Adair Co., 1 Park Ave, Old Greenwich, Conn. 06870, 497 pages, hardback, $7.50; paperback, $2.95). In it, General Albert C. Wedemeyer, a Nebraskan American, whom the U.S. Army sent to study in the German KRIEGAKADEMIE from 1936 to 1938, who therefore is one of the few Americans who saw Nazi Germany when it was in peaceful operation, before it was distorted by war, made the following observation: "There were some aspects of the Third Reich which seemed good at the time - for example, the public works program; encouragement of the arts, music, and sciences; the building of roads and communications; and cultural opportunities such as travel abroad for underprivileged people at government expense." (p. 38) In other words, German National Socialism, the Third Reich, which Talmudists, Communists and our media continue to represent as the very epitome of concentrated evil had in reality some good in it! I cannot help adding here that it also suppressed the greatest contemporary American, Swedish, Danish and West German shame - and that of the Weimar Republic - pornography! Nor did it tolerate the effects of pornography - prostitution, perversion, sodomy! It frowned upon divorce, encouraged marital fidelity. And whatever else Hitler might have been, he was not an adulterer like Roosevelt, who two-timed his wife, with two of his secretaries! Nor like Wilson, whose adultery caused the Jews to blackmail him into appointing Brandeis to the Supreme Court and to railroad the U.S. into World War I! THE THIRD REICH NEEDED NO BARBED WIRE TO KEEP ITS OWN PEOPLE IN Indeed, upon a moment's reflection, we realize with a start that Nazi Germany before the war certainly had nothing like the Berlin Wall to keep its citizens in, nor a barbed wire entanglement no Iron Curtain around its frontier, through the middle of Europe, all hideous barbarisms which characterize our lend-lease Pals, the Communists! We also recollect that until 1939 people could come and go to and from Germany very much as in the U.S. and Great Britain! But NEVER to and from Soviet Russia, or its satellites, like the Soviet Zone of Germany, hypocritically called the DEMOCRATIC GERMAN REPUBLIC. Most of all, Jews could leave Germany at will with their belongings and without paying a head tax! In contrast, Soviet Russia, which the media continue to represent as a kind of Utopia compared to Nazi Germany, does not let Jews - nor any other ethnic groups, not even the remaining Oder-Neisse Germans - go and come as they please. And they charge huge head taxes for the Jews they do let out! In reality, Hitler permitted them, even encouraged them, to emigrate, precisely what Jews bitterly complain that Soviet Russia denies them! ...

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