Irving David - Goering A Biography

Author : Irving David
Title : Goering A Biography
Year : 1989

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Arrest the Reichsmarschall! The place reeked of evil. Standing in the wet darkness of this wrecked bunker in Berlin, Captain John Bradin of the U.S. Army snapped his cigarette lighter shut, scooped an untidy armful of souvenirs off somebody’s desk, and groped his way back up the dark, winding staircase to the daylight. In the warm sun the haul seemed disappointing: a brass desk lamp, cream-colored paper with some handwriting on it, blank letterheads, flimsy telegrams typed on Germany Navy signals forms, and a letter dictated to “my dear Heinrich.” Bradin took them home and forgot about them. Forty years passed. In Berlin the bunker was dynamited, grassed over. The lamp ended up dismantled on a garage floor, the yellow sheaf of papers moldered in a bank vault in South Carolina. Bradin died without knowing that he had saved vital clues to the last days of Hermann Göring’s extraordinary career - papers that reveal all the hatred and envy that his contemporaries in the Nazi party had nursed toward him over twelve years and their determination to see his humiliation and downfall in these last few thousand minutes of Hitler’s “Thousand-Year Reich.” The desk that Captain Bradin had found was Martin Bormann’s. Bormann had been the Nazi party’s chief executive - Hitler’s predatory Mephistopheles. The handwriting was Bormann’s too - desperate pages that mirrored the atmosphere of hysteria in the bunker as the suspicions grew among its inhabitants that Göring had betrayed them. The first telegram that Bormann had scrawled onto the cream-colored paper was addressed to SS Obersturmbannführer Lieutenant Colonel Bernhard Frank, commander of the SS detachment on the mountain called the Obersalzberg that was Göring’s last retreat: Surround Göring villa at once and arrest the former Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring at once. Smash all resistance. Adolf Hitler. ...

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