Robertson Wilmot - Ventilations

Author : Robertson Wilmot (Ireland John Humphrey)
Title : Ventilations
Year : 1974

Link download :

THE KREMLIN AND THE JEWS. Throughout much of their history Jews have been able to live prosperously off their host populations, but only rarely have they had the opportunity to gain direct control of these populations. When they do, they come a cropper. As a group they have a magnificent talent for overthrowing states, but only a small talent for governing them. The Bolshevik revolution was one of the few times that Jews, instead of exerting great influence on domestic and foreign affairs from the sidelines, actually took over the he1m of their country of residence. But as events showed, within a few years of assuming power in Russia, the Jewish Commissars were tearing at each other's throats and pushing Russia to the very brink of national suicide. As one of the few non-Jewish Bolsheviks, but nevertheless a member of a Russian minority, Stalin, to save his own skin in the political scramble that followed the death of Lenin and to make his own desperate bid for power, managed to topple the leading Jew, Trotsky, and with him the all-too-Jewish dogma of permanent revolution. After this first victory, Stalin slowly and methodically liquidated nearly all the Old Bolsheviks until he was in a position to "swing" the Russo-German Nonaggression Pact of 1939 - a piece of cynical diplomacy that would have been unthinkable in Russia of the 1920s and is still unthinkable to the liberal-minority coalitions that control the destinies of the West. While the America First isolationists were losing out to the interventionists in the U.S. in the late 1930s, Stalin was instituting his Russia First policy in the Soviet Union. Forced to rehabilitate the Russian Majority during Hitler's 1941 invasion; Stalin turned against Jewish cosmopolitanism after the war, permitting Party newspapers to criticize Jews by their real, not their revolutionary names. Simultaneously he made Zionism a state crime and forbade the propagation of Yiddish-language newspapers and books. His anti-Semitism reached the paranoid state just before his death when he was preparing to execute the Jewish physicians involved in the so-called "Doctors' Plot." ...

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