Stokes H. P. - A short history of the Jews in England

Author : Stokes H. P.
Title : A short history of the Jews in England
Year : 1921

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No modern nation has taken more interest in the Jews than the English-speaking peoples, none has tried to deal more fairly with them. Yet it cannot be pretended that we English know much about their post-Biblical history, practices, and beliefs, much less that we have studied these in relation to Christianity past and present. The aim of this series is to do something towards supplying this want. It will endeavour to describe Jews as they have been and as they are, to state and explain the efforts of Christians in past centuries to win them, and the methods used, and both to set out and to weigh their chief doctrines. Thus gradually but surely a collection of handbooks will be formed, which Jews and Christians alike may use, and each learn to understand better the religion of the other. Naturally the books will be Christian, and because they are Christian will try both to represent Christianity in its proper spirit, and to exhibit it as the supreme truth. A. LUKYN WILLIAMS. ...

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