A Phoenix journal - 152

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 152
Year : 1995

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_152.zip

CHAPTER 1. HORRIBLE REVELATIONS CONTINUE. GULF WAR SYNDROME. PART III: THE EXPERTS SPEAK OUT ! by Rick Martin 9/1/95. Whenever something is too horrible for the consciousness, denial is one of the first responses. The Veterans Association and related organizations officially deny to this very day even the existence of Gulf War Illness, while the death toll rises. Well, we have reached a crossroads where the American public can make a conscious choice to remain in ignorance if they wish. They can close their eyes, bury their heads in the sand, or just choose to ignore the facts. But the truth about the Gulf War Illness and what has been done to our own loyal American veterans is unforgivable. What you are about to read in the third part of this ongoing series on the Gulf War Syndrome will infuriate you. The information we are using on this subject is provided by the experts on the subject and from the government’s own documents, which makes denial all the more difficult. When people of such undisputed credibility as Dr. Garth Nicolson come forward to speak out about what has taken place against our troops at our government’s hand, it becomes very, very difficult to refute. Moreover, when a leading Pentagon official writes a scathing report of America’s own complicity and cover-up, it BECOMES ALL BUT IMPOSSIBLE TO DENY ANY LONGER. ...

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