A Phoenix journal - 189

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 189
Year : 1996

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_189.zip

FOREWORD. REC #1 HATONN. MON., DEC. 2, 1996 7:37 A.M. YR.10, DAY 108. MON., DEC. 2, 1996 YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Once again, as the markets go crazy, precious metal prices drop, and we watch insanity unfolding before our eyes—there is a REASON behind it all. AND, ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO LEARN, CAN DO IT AS WELL AS ANY RICH MAN OR CORPORATION. I am going to offer a simple article out of the Bakersfield Californian from yesterday, Sunday, December 1, 1996. It is going to seem distant and out of reach—in order to make you angry, jealous (yea, envious), and you will think that “Ah, the rich get all the breaks and we get stuck with their bills.” If you get stuck with their bills then you aren’t managing your financial business well. Expensive? No, not really but it is time consuming and your intentions must be correct lest you blunder into the traps laid forth for the “small people”. YOU HAVE TO USE THE LAWS AND ESTABLISHED METHODS OF MANAGEMENT AS UTILIZED BY THE WEALTHY, IN ORDER THAT THEY COVER EVERYTHING. The government is not even THINKING about giving you tax-breaks. It is that you don’t take the time from whatever you are doing in your fixed little worlds to LEARN and involve yourselves in management of your own lives or affairs (business or otherwise). What they realize is that to cut out the shelters— THEY CUT OUT THEIR OWN COVER. Since they are NOT going to do that then I suggest you study carefully what they are doing and get with the program to whatever extent you wish to enter into the management of your own lives. What comes about is that you are convinced you can’t participate and, therefore, do not. “They” depend on this very piece of ignorance and human nature. This article was worthy of its beginning on the first page of the paper edition as a focus item for Sunday. This means that they have to print most of the paper prior to Sunday and therefore only breaking news is covered and the rest is old stuff and filler. So, let us see just what we have hidden by a headline and selective observations of envious writers. Note from the headline that the article is written as if it were somehow dirty business to use the laws for your shelter. This is seen in the headline by the way “rich” is presented and “avoid tax”, etc. See what really useful ideas you can pick up from just reading the article. ...

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