Cannon Dolores - Keepers of the Garden

Author : Cannon Dolores
Title : Keepers of the Garden
Year : 1993

Link download :

The discovery of starchild. EXTRATERRESTRIALS ARE LIVING NOW ON EARTH. They can no longer be considered as aliens existing only on distant stars or cruising around in spaceships. They are everywhere, amongyour friends, neighbors, even your relatives. We are all interrelated, for they are our ancestors. Their blood flows through our very veins. We are as much a brother to the beings from the stars as we are to the animals of the Earth. This was revealed to me through a year's intensive work with an actual starperson. Our contact was made through hypnosis. I am a regressionist and I regularly take trips through time and space to visit Earth's past and learn about history as it is being lived. But until my work with Phil D. began I had never visited other planets. I had always wished to. I thought it surely would not be any more improbable than what I was already doing. Surely some human being had experienced life somewhere else besides Earth. The idea fascinated me, but so far the proper subject had never crossed my path. I thought this type of person would be rare. But as I work with so many people I assumed that the odds were that sooner or later I would find one, or they would find me (which is usually more accurate). I had no way of knowing that the odds were greater than I thought. But these people are not easily recognized. They are very cleverly disguised, even from themselves, by the protective subconscious. ...

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