Copenhaver Brian P. - Schmitt Charles Bernard - Renaissance philosophy

Authors : Copenhaver Brian P. - Schmitt Charles Bernard
Title : Renaissance philosophy
Year : 1992

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Foreword by Paul Oskar Kristeller. The philosophy of the Renaissance - that is, of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries - unlike the political and religious developments, the literature, and the art of the same period, and unlike the philosophy of classical antiquity, of the modern period after Bacon and Descartes, and even of the Middle Ages, has been the subject of serious historical study only for the last hundred years or so, and most of the detailed monographs and text editions have been published only since the end of the First World War. Recent contributions have been so numerous and so widely scattered that bibliographical control of the relevant monographs and editions, and especially of the comprehensive or marginal studies pertinent to the subject, has become increasingly difficult. The recent publication of comprehensive handbooks in English is especially welcome, therefore, since they will serve as introductions and reference works for scholars and nonspecialists, for teachers and students alike, keep the interest in the field alive, make the available information easily accessible, and also stimulate the further investigation of authors, problems, and their connections that have remained unexplored so far. ...

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