Eshelman M. M. - Two sticks

Author : Eshelman M. M.
Title : Two sticks : or, the lost tribes of Israel discovered. The jew and the israelite not the same.
Year : 1887

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The author's prefatory. During the year 1886 I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with an octogenarian, by the name of William Montgomery, by birth an Englishman. He called my attention to the Biblical distinction between " the house of Judah " and " the house of Israel," that the Jews were one class and the Israelites another. This awakened a pleasurable interest in me and immediately I began an investigation of the subject. The deeper I dug, the greater number of precious prophetical gems were cast up; and, being somewhat unselfish, I resolved to scatter them abroad, through THE GOSPEL MESSENGER, published at Mount Morris, Illinois. This done, an interest was aroused, requiring the remarkable prophetic chambers to be further explored, and the results given in book form. In accordance with this unselfish desire, I am before you with this volume. It aims to regard the Bible as the Divine unit of the revealed will of God to man, with all of its principles harmoniously related to each other. The usual orthodox rules of Scripture exegesis on prophetical utterances have not been followed, for the reason that the painted words and the great variety of bits and broken fragments of the regulars could not be made to fit together so as to make harmony; and as confusion was not the thing sought, the orthodox rules were brushed aside to give place to common sense. If in thus pulling away from the entrancing visions of the old, beaten pathway of the when and the how of orthodoxy, and leaving those to God, to whom they belong, new inspirations will be created in the mind for divine prophecy, then the author's purpose will have been accomplished. Dates, signifying when, and methods showing how God shall accomplish the fulfillment of prophecy yet future, are not given, for the simple reason that the author has no means o£ knowing what the Wisdom of heaven has not revealed. But the what and the where are so clearly made known through the Bible, that it becomes a pleasure to the student to search them out. ...

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