Fraser John Foster - Red Russia

Author : Fraser John Foster
Title : Red Russia
Year : 1907

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The "Bear" Restaurant in St. Petersburg holds much the same place among Eussians as does the Savoy Restaurant among Londoners. It is at night, when ordinary folk are seeking their candles and going to bed, that the "Bear" blazes with effulgence. Droshkies clatter over the heavy cobbles which pave the streets, and deliver at the great doorway burdens of fair women in the radiance of evening toilette. Their escorts are officers of the Czar, straight, well-built, wellgroomed men in the rich blue-grey garb of their regiments. The sword-straps are of gold, and the sword hangs straight by the leg, the Bliicher boots of daintiest leather, of neat shape, japanned, and for drawing-room rather than field wear. ...

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