Goitsch Heinrich - Never

Author : Goitsch Heinrich
Title : Never
Year : 1944

Link download : Goitsch_Heinrich_-_Never.zip

Their hate knows no boundaries ! The echoes of the first shots that began the war had hardly faded when Germany’s enemies began their war of nerves, conducted on the battlefield of the spirit, and just as important as the soldiers’ battle. In modern war, a people’s spiritual and moral state plays an important role; indeed, on it depends victory or defeat. Total war uses not only all military means, but also all the forces of the spirit. In the end, stronger nerves, greater faith, and firmer steadfastness determine the outcome. National Socialist Germany, which over five bloody years has been forced by its opponents into a war that has spread to the entire world, was prepared for spiritual warfare. The German people knew its enemies, their hate for the German Reich that under Adolf Hitler had once again become a world power. It knew the background that led to the declaration of war against Germany. Those who pull the strings in the world’s backstage are not unknown to us. The Reich’s political leadership saw to it that they were revealed. If our enemies believed that the war of nerves they so carefully began and steadily intensified would lead to victory, they soon had to realize that we were immune to this enemy poison. Twenty years of National Socialist education had sharpened our hearing. The tricks of 1918 that our opponents tried to reuse failed. Germany in this area is invulnerable! That certainly did not stop our enemies from continuing their war of nerves, using ever stronger weapons. Using thousands of channels, they carried on a subterranean campaign of destruction to once again mobilize the thoughts and feelings of the whole world against us. The world press, the world radio, the world film industry were engaged. National Socialist Germany was accused of being “World Enemy #1” in thousands of newspaper articles, over hundreds of radio stations, on the screen and in mass meetings. Germany is guilty! Germany must be condemned to death! That was our enemies’ battle cry. But what had this Germany actually done? It overcame Versailles and regained its rightful place in the sun. That is our “sin”! The Führer forged the Greater German Reich through peaceful labor. He won German unity, thereby fulfilling the dreams of all Germans, the deepest longings of the nation. He did not want war. He wanted peace. But our enemies wanted war! “Germany is becoming too strong. We must destroy Germany!” said Winston Churchill as early as 1936 to the American General Wood. That was our enemies’ real reason for war. Germany was to be excluded, it was to be destroyed, because it endangered the world dominance of the great powers. British representative McGovern hit the target when he said in the House of Commons: “This war is imperialist through and through!” We have been engaged in this world-wide struggle for five years, and have again proved our manhood against our hate-filled enemies. German soldiers achieve deeds unique in world history. But behind the fighting troops stands the fighting homeland, for this war is a true people’s war, a battle of worldviews, a struggle of the new forces seeking the light of world history against the outdated powers of a dying epoch. We therefore know that this war concerns us all! Each of us is fighting for his life! We are fighting for Germany! This knowledge makes us strong and unconquerable as our enemies reveal their goals of war and destruction. Both as individuals and as a nation, we are to cease to exist if the enemy should triumph over us. They themselves have told us repeatedly what they want to do to us. “We are determined,” Churchill said on London radio, “to expunge Hitler and any trace of Nazism. Nothing will stop us from doing that — Nothing!” And he added: “We will never negotiate or parlay with Hitler or one of his band. Every man and every state that fights against the Nazis will have our help. Every man and every state that is with Hitler is our enemy.” Their hatred for the Führer, whose peace and disarmament proposals they always rejected, is almost sick. Because they have no stature themselves, neither human nor political, they envy the genius, the unreachable, the creative spirit, that seeks a new world. They know and sense that this man has guided the German people to its true inner greatness. As British Foreign Minister Anthony Eden said, “Hitler is no accident; he is a symptom.” The former British production minister Beaverbrook once expressed this deep desire for destruction in this way: “We want to bring about a deep hatred for the Germans, for German soldiers, sailors, and airmen. We must hate until we win.” We Germans are second-class people for these creatures. As British publicist Reginald Hargreaves wrote in the London magazine The National Review: “From the beginning, the Teutonic peoples have qualified only for the role of pariah, the outcast mad dogs of Europe.” So says a European, who perhaps on that same day was deeply moved by Beethoven’s immortal symphonies! Their understanding is defective. How else can one understand this wild outburst by Sir Neville Hendersen, former ambassador to Berlin, and thus a diplomat of standing and education: “As my last act, I would like to do in Germany’s leading men with a few bullets and a gun stock, and I would aim at their bellies.” That is what he said to British students at the famed Oxford University! Churchill betrayed the same bestial sentiments in a speech at a conference of so-called Allied governments in London in June 1941: “Nothing is more sure than that every trace of Hitler’s footsteps, every stain of his corrupt and corroded finger, shall be wiped, and if necessary blasted, from the surface of the earth.” Well, world history pays heed to a different clock than the one Churchill carries in his vest pocket. After his name has faded, the name Adolf Hitler will shine more brightly than before over humanity! The great have always been disdained by the mediocre, but it is also true that the fame of the genius endures for centuries ! ...

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