Greber Johannes - Communication with the Spirit World

Author : Greber Johannes
Title : Communication with the Spirit World Its laws and purpose Personal Experiences of a Catholic Priest
Year : 1932

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The Bible quotes in this English translation have been translated directly from those given in the German text. As there are many different English Bible translations and these do not necessarily match existing German Bible translations (in the case of the German Bible quotes in this text sometimes one English translation is closer and sometimes others), we chose to treat the Bible quotes in the same way as the remainder of the text – we have sought to render as careful a translation into English as possible of Johannes Greber’s German text (including the Bible quotes). We took the English translation done by George Knoblauch in 1937 as our base and corrected it, with respect to both content and style, to more accurately represent the German second edition of Johannes Greber’s Der Verkehr mit der Geisterwelt. Any translation encounters language-specific restrictions. Several shall be mentioned here because they are significant throughout this work. The German word “Mensch”, plural “Menschen”, is a masculine noun that refers to human beings, irrespective of their gender. It is not always possible to smoothly capture this gender neutrality in English and so the nouns “Mensch” and “Menschen” have been translated in various ways in our text, including “man”, “mankind”, “people”, “human beings”, “mortals”, in an attempt to produce natural-sounding English and yet allow for inclusion of both genders. A similar language-specific structural difficulty lies in the fact that German pronoun reference is governed by the gender of the common noun that is the pronoun’s antecedent, not by the gender of the person or persons referred to. So, for example, “die Person” is a feminine noun meaning ‘the person’ and would be textually referred to with the pronoun “sie” (‘she’); “der Mensch” is a masculine noun meaning ‘the human being’ and would be referred to with the pronoun “er” (‘he’); “das Medium” is a neuter noun meaning ‘the medium’ and would be referred to with the pronoun “es” (‘it’) – although each of these nouns could be referring to men or women. This text-cohesive distinguishing of antecedents by noun gender is not possible in English pronouns, and we have opted for the simpler generic “he” where both men and women are meant, which is generally the case throughout the book. For the word “Geist” (‘spirit’), which is masculine in German, we have generally used the pronoun “it”, as it is sometimes necessary to distinguish “der Geist” from “das Medium” (a neuter noun) in passages where both are continually referred to. Where the spirits speaking to Johannes Greber through the mediums refer to his “bisherige Kirche” or “bisherige Religion”, we have inserted “Catholic” to identify the denomination being referred to. JFG and EL, July 2006 Joseph F. Greber died July 22, 2006, shortly after completion of our work on this translation of his father's book. EL. ...

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