Grevler Ann - Transvaal episode

Author : Grevler Ann (Anchor)
Title : Transvaal episode (A UFO Lands in Africa)
Year : 1958

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Introduction. There have been a number of flying saucer contact stories published in the last few years in which the individuals involved entered the space craft and even in certain cases, were privileged to ride in them for some distance. Notable instances of this and similar experiences are those of Daniel W. Fry (The White Sands Incident, To Men of Earth, Steps to the Stars, and Understanding) ; George Adamski (Flying Saucers Have Landed and Inside the Space Ships) ; George W. Van Tassel (I Rode A Flying Saucer and Into This World and Out Again) ; Truman Bethurum (Aboard a Flying Saucer and The Voice of the Planet Clarion), and Orfeo Angelucci (The Secret of the Saucers). In all of these cases there has been a great deal of controversy as to the authenticity of these gentlemen’s experiences. This is perfectly understandable in the light of the fact that in our present commercial society most people seem to have some sort of an « angle ». It is rare to find someone not giving thought to personal gain but selflessly attempting to give out information to his fellowman. From the more materially minded, criticism of anything « out-of-the-ordinary » is always readily forthcoming. There are really two kinds of critical attitudes. One type is that evidenced by those who are willing to be convinced if the proper evidence is presented ; the other by those who are unwilling to be convinced no matter what evidence is presented. It is rather obvious that this second type is a lost cause. There is little purpose in attempting to present evidence to convince those who are unwilling to be convinced. Therefore, this volume s addresed to those individuals who ar willing to maintain an open-minded attitude, attempting to ascertain the true nature of these events. There are really three reasons why the story related in this volume has been selected for publication. The first is to present a new and interesting contact story as an example of some of the amazing contacts which are quietly and without fanfare taking place in the world. The second is to offer confirmation to those individuals who have had experiences within the space craft. The third, and perhaps most important, reason is to point out the semantic difficulties encountered in studying the UFO contac stories. We all know the game where the first person in a long line of people whispers something into the ear of the second in line, who in turn whispers it to the third, and so on. At the end of the line the message comes out completely garbled and unrecognizable as the original message, even though each person attempted to relay it as he heard it. We all color the things which we repeat or relate with our own thoughts and preconceptions, some people, of course, more than others. There has been much talk in UFO circles regarding seeming contradictions in the contact stories. A favorite argument used by the skeptics is that if the contact claimants really had had these contacts, their stories would have been much more similar than they are. These belligerents may be answered from several viewpoints. First of all, they usually display a general ignorance of the details of contact stories. (Witness an article written by a non-believing lady in a well-known science-fiction magazine not long ago – 1957 – which is notorious among saucer researchers for its rather detailed inaccuracy and broad generalizations. This lady is by no means alone in her « sins ».) When the contactee’s name is misspelled and the wrong location is given as the site of his contacts, we begin to wonder how qualified the skeptic is to say anything on these subjects, much less write about it ! In one case, to top it all off, it was said that one contactee is working with a certain group of space people or other teachers when, in reality, it is a highly publicized fact that an entirely different contactee is working with this group and is in no way related to the person named by the skeptic ! ...

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