Kissick Robert G. - The irish prince and the hebrew prophet

Author : Kissick Robert G.
Title : The irish prince and the hebrew prophet A masonic tale of the captive jews and the ark of the covenant
Year : 1896

Link download :

Preface. ON Tuesday, Dec. 20, 1881, the Rev. George W. Greenwood was ordained pastor of the First Identity Church of Brooklyn, N. Y. The council was composed of the Rev. Edward Beecher, D.D., Rev. J. F. Halsey, D.D., Rev. William James and the Rev. George Nixon. The founding of the church was in order to prove the identity existing between the Lost Tribes of the Children of Israel and the Anglo-Saxon race. The identification is completed when we compare the pages of the " Heir of the World," edited by George W. Greenwood, and the " Forty-seven Identifications of the Anglo-Saxons with the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel," by Edward Hine, with Holy Writ. ...

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