Murdock D M - The companion guide to Zeitgeist

Author : Murdock D. M. (Acharia S)
Title : The companion guide to Zeitgeist Part 1
Year : 2008

Link download :

Introduction. "For what is now called the Christian religion existed of old and was never absent from the beginning of the human race until Christ came in the flesh. Then true religion which already existed began to be called Christian." Saint Augustine, Retractiones (I, xiii). "The Religion proclaimed by him to All Nations was neither New nor Strange." Bishop Eusebius, The History of the Church (II, iv). "There can be no doubt that the oldest Egyptian writings contain some vestiges of primeval faith. Egyptians in very remote areas believed in the immortality of man, with reward or punishment in the future state. They believed in the existence of good and evil powers in this l i fe, and were not wi thout a sense of personal responsibility..." Rev. Dr. W.H. Rule, The Horus Myth and Its Relation to Christianity (66). Chockfull of controversial, nerve-jarring themes, in 2007 the hit viral movie phenomenon "ZEITGEIST" was zinging around the internet at break-neck speed, receiving upwards of a million views per month. Needless to say, these various controversial themes, focusing on religious, political and financial conspiracies aimed at the common people, have become the subject of a great deal of debate. In fact, Part 1, which deals with religious conspiracy, indicting Christianity in particular of being a remake of ancient pre-Christian religions and myths, has caused a tremendous amount of furor in many forums. Naturally, as one of the sources of the material in Part 1, my work too has received interest by those intrigued by the suggestion that important motifs found in our "modern" religions have been around a very long time and have been incorporated into these religions, rather than the latter constituting unique, "divine revelation." Over the centuries, in fact, it has been the contention of numerous scholars and researchers of comparative religion and mythology that one of the major influences on the Christian religion was that of ancient Egypt, as highlighted in ZEITGEIST. Because of this fact of ZEITGEIST emphasizing the Egyptian religion, in this Companion Guide ebook, I will deal almost exclusively with some of the evident parallels between the Egyptian and Christian myths and rituals. A fuller treatment of the other aspects of ZEITGEIST, Part 1, may be found in a forthcoming longer work on the subject. In the meantime, interested parties should consult my books The Christ Conspiracy : The Greatest Story Ever Sold and Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled. Although we today may find the ancient Egyptian religion bizarre and amusing, with all its peculiarities, including gods and goddesses in the forms of all sorts of animals, the truth is that the Egyptians themselves took their faith very seriously, so much so that, as with religions of today, murder in its name was not unknown. One need only look to the story of notorious pharaoh Amenhotep, aka Akhenaten, for an example of how sincerely the Egyptians and their priesthoods upheld their religion. ...

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