Nicolls Richard - Richard Nicolls Esopus Indian treaty 1665

Author : Nicolls Richard
Title : Richard Nicolls Esopus Indian treaty “An Agreement made between Richard Nicolls Esq. Governor under his Royal Highness the Duke of Yorke and the Sachems and People called the Sopes Indyans”
Year : 1665

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Forward. The Ulster County Clerk’s Office, Records Management Division, has been a leader in the field of records management in New York State since the inception of the Program in 1988. The accomplishments of this division have been tremendous in the areas of records storage, micrographics, records management consultation and in the most recent years, archives. The majority of the activity that has taken place in the Records Management Archives Division has been completed since 1999, at which time the County received a grant from the Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund. This grant funded the hiring of an Archival Consultant and Archival Processing Technician. At the conclusion of the grant cycle, Ulster County supported the creation of a line item in the Records Management Program’s budget for an Archivist. This action was and remains a demonstration of support for the Archives Division. This commitment, pledged by the Ulster County Legislature, and shared by the Ulster County Clerk’s Office, is confirmed here in this publication. Supported again by the Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund, the publication of this booklet concerning this historic document is another successful effort of the Ulster County Records Management Program. With it another goal of the Archives Division is realized, yielding further benefits for all the constituents of Ulster County. Ward Todd. Chairman, Ulster County Legislature. ...

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