Phelon William P. - Our Story of Atlantis

Author : Phelon William P.
Title : Our Story of Atlantis
Year : 1903

Link download :

It is not necessary for an author in these later days, always to be able to say, he writes of his own knowledge. This has be come a recognized fact. He may write from another s experience, in whose honesty and reliability, he has as much, and sometimes more confidence, than in his own personal sense. This is the .case with .this little book, treating of a subject of interest to the whole world, to-day. For six years I have had the MSS. almost ready for the printer. Now, with the encouragement and helping hand of my Dear Comrades of the Hermetic Brotherhood, I am bid to let it go forth. May it be a help to the ONCE ATLANTIAN BORN, wherever they may be. W. P. PHELON, M. D. ...

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