Rullán Antonio F. - Odors from UFOs

Author : Rullán Antonio F.
Title : Odors from UFOs
Year : 2000

Link download :

Introduction. Some UFO reports document the presence of odors. While the number of UFO odor reports is small, odor detection and recognition provides some information that could help solve the UFO mystery. Odorants, if released or created by the UFO, could provide information about their chemistry and possibly about the energy generated to produce them. Odors have not been considered physical evidence of the UFO presence because odors do not leave a trace. Nevertheless, odor detection implies that a chemical change took place in the environment that was significant enough to be detected. There are many variables that lead to the detection and description of an odor by a witness. Some of the variables that affect odor detection and recognition and their interrelationships are shown in Figure 1. Unfortunately, in this study the only data we have are the end-results of this complex mechanism: odor description and physiological effects. Thus it is difficult to conduct a proper evaluation of odors associated with UFOs. This study has two objectives. One objective is to try to determine which chemicals could lead to the odor described and the resulting physiological symptoms (regardless of where the odor came from). The other objective is to propose hypotheses that could explain the presence and/or generation of the odorants. Four hypotheses and the possible ways of discriminating between them are presented. The paper also summarizes some of the standards and techniques used in odor science that could be incorporated into UFO questionnaires in the future. ...

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