Sadler William Samuel - Race decadence

Author : Sadler William Samuel
Title : Race decadence An examination of the causes of racial degeneracy in the United States
Year : 1922

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Preface. Important as is the health of the individual-personal hygiene, still more important is the health and vigor of the nation-race hygiene. Human society has certainly not reached a very high plane of unselfishness and altruism when its scientific energies are almost wholly consumed with the betterment of the individual; and yet, in the recent past, the great efforts of preventive medicine in the development of_ modem hygiene have been devoted almost exclusively to the improvement of the individual. Of course the public, as a whole, benefits by all these efforts looking toward the prevention of disease and the improvement of human health and efficiency ; but has not the time come when society should look out upon a horizon broad enough to take into consideration the unborn generations in all our plans looking toward human betterment? It must not be inferred from the title of this work that the author is a pessimist. This book deals with the evidences of race decadence, but is to be followed by volumes dealing with race betterment, and presenting the encouraging and more optimistic side of this momentous question. The author believes in a great destiny for the human race, and is in no sense a pessimist. ...

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