Sturluson Snorri - Edda

Author : Sturluson Snorri
Title : Edda Prologue and Gylfaginning
Year : 1982

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Preface. The first edition of this book was published by the Clarendon Press, Oxford in hardback 1982. It was reissued in paperback by the Viking Society in 1988, and again, with minor corrections and a lengthy list of corrections, in 2000. This second edition has been fully corrected, revised and reset, and I am very grateful for the care with which proofs have been read by David Ashurst, who has drawn my attention to many inconsistencies, some surviving from the original edition, some introduced in my revision, as well as pointing out a number of errors that crept in during the resetting. It is hoped that the book is now more accurately printed and more reliable than before. ...

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