Tarpley Webster Griffin - Chaitkin Anton - George Bush The Unauthorized Biography

Authors : Tarpley Webster Griffin - Chaitkin Anton
Title : George Bush The Unauthorized Biography
Year : 1992

Link download : Tarpley_Webster_Griffin_-_Chaitkin_Anton_-_George_Bush_The_Unauthorized_Biography.zip

The Bush biography published by Anton Chaiktin and myself in 1992 already documents how, under National Security Decision Directives 2 and 3, George Bush was responsible for the White House crisis staffs of the Reagan Administration and thus for all the covert operations of the 1980's, including deliveries of crack cocaine, marijuana, and heroin into American cities. Gary Webb is an honest investigative reporter who conducted his probe from the bottom up, starting from the streets of Los Angeles and proceeding up the line towards Washington. Our method, by contrast, was to start from the White House and proceed downward. Gary Webb's work and our own mesh at numerous key points, such as the figures of contra leaders Adolfo Calero and Enrique Bermudez. Iran-contra drug-trafficking was carried on with the help of an interagency coordination (or "Focal Point") located in the Department of Defense, and utilized the services of the Pentagon, the State Department, the National Security Council, Central Intelligence Agency, and other organs of government. At the top of the chain of command was Vice President and crisis staff chief George Bush, assisted by Donald Gregg, Oliver North, Felix Rodriguez. The political kingpin of the entire operation was George Bush, and it is Bush who today must be the target of mass political mobilization - especially since Bush is today the main power in the Republican Party and the leader of the efforts for a British-backed impeachment/coup d'etat against the Clinton Administration and the US Constitution. It would be folly to let Bush off the hook by focussing on some faceless, nameless bureaucrats in the CIA whom Bush would be glad to sacrifice to save himself. ...

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