Cobban Alfred - The eighteenth century

Author : Cobban Alfred
Title : The eighteenth century Europe in the zge of enlightenment
Year : 1969

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Foreword. The fascination of the 18th century first captured me when I studied what was called by the school examination authorities 'The Age of Johnson'. Soon after that I moved on to what might well have been described as the age of Voltaire in France. The supreme common sense which these two great men shared would have been less appealing if it had stood by itself, if the author of Rasselas had not also lived in the same century as the author of The Prelude, and if Candide had not been followed by Rousseau's Confessions and Reveries d'un Promeneur Solitaire. The juxtaposition is enough to show that the 18th century is not to be summed up in any simple formula and it is not the object of this foreword to attempt to do so; but something needs to be said in these prefatory remarks of what is meant by the 18th century. ...

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