Winrod Gerald Burton - The United States and Russia in prophecy

Author : Winrod Gerald Burton
Title : The United States and Russia in prophecy... and the red horse of the Apocalypse
Year : 1933

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Universal Turmoil. This is a catastrophic period in the world's history. Everyone knows that civilization is breaking up. Let us resolve to face stubborn facts courageously. Everything has been thrown into a state of unrest and confusion. Society is in convulsions. Every nation is in process of change. The map of the world is being revised. Governments are tottering. Economic structures are falling. Another world war looms on the horizon. Moral foundations are being dynamited. Spiritual forces have become hopelessly weakened by apostasy. A revolution is not coming; it is already here. Back of these conditions there must be an adequate cause. Fascism and Communism, both in principle and practice, are fighting for world supremacy. These are the two great camps into which all nations are certain to be divided. Both are founded upon the doctrine of dictatorship. As if anticipating a radical change in the government of the United States not unlike that which has taken place in most European countries, Colonel House, the gentleman who was so close to President Wilson recently implied if he did not actually say that America was getting ripe for a dictator. "While such a revolutionary leader is not in sight at the moment, he might appear overnight," Colonel House says, and continues, "if we are to have a dictator, our people and institutions of wealth would like him to be of the Mussolini type. However, he is more likely to be of the type of Lenin." King Albert of Belgium said recently, "I am profoundly convinced that our civilization is at a turning point. Can we maintain it as it has been? That is the problem which haunts me day and night. I find myself strangely preoccupied by what is going on in Russia. Is it the end of all civilization which is being prepared there? Or is it a new order? How much I would like to know— to really know." In 1929 President Hoover appointed a research committee to catalogue information with reference to the social trends of the times and among other things it reported that a revolution in the United States which would revise the present system of government was a decided possibility. These words are being penned a few days after the inauguration of President Roosevelt. For weeks Democratic leaders in Congress have been advocating that he should be clothed with dictatorial powers in order to adjust finances of the nation and at the same time reorganize the executive departments of the government. A Republican Congressman has countered with this thrust, "We'd better abolish Congress and go home." For weeks the daily press has been blazing with such headlines as "Will Roosevelt Become A Mussolini?" and "Is the Country Ready for a Dictator?" Who knows but this agitation may be the opening wedge for bringing about a revolutionary change? That Mr. Roosevelt expected to become a virtual dictator was evidenced by a reference to the subject in his inaugural address of March 4th. The Associated Press explained that the large audience in Washington "applauded heartily when he warned that he would not hesitate to ask for dictatorial powers." He said, "It is to be hoped that the normal balance of executive and legislative authority may be wholly adequate to meet the unprecedented task before us. But it may be that an unprecedented demand and need for undelayed action may call for temporary departure from the normal balance of public procedure .... I shall ask the Congress for the one remaining instrument to meet the crisis—broad executive power to wage a war against the emergency, as great as the power that would be given to me if we were in fact invaded by a foreign foe." It is not improbable that he may introduce reforms which will help to adjust the economic condition which he inherited. With his political party overwhelmingly in control of both branches of Congress he can get anything he wants. If he proves to be a man of action, definite policy, and positive decision, he will have it in his power to stabilize conditions in a way that will at least produce temporary relief. His proclamation the day after taking office, whereby he assumed control of the banks of the Country, virtually placed the United States under a temporary dictatorship. We had a taste of one man rule for a time as far as the finances of the nation were concerned. American Fascism is a new experiment. ...

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