Wormley Augustina Elizabeth - Israel Yesterday and to-day

Author : Wormley Augustina Elizabeth
Title : Israel Yesterday and to-day
Year : 1918

Link download : Wormley_Augustina_Elizabeth_-_Israel_Yesterday_and_to-day.zip

A large portion of the Old Testament is devoted to the record of Jacob's twelve sons and to the history of their descendants, the twelve tribes of Israel. Of the twelve only two tribes - Judah (the Jews) and Benjamin - have maintained their historic identification. Thoughtful students of the Scriptures have for centuries speculated on the significance of these "tribes" and have sought to fathom the mystery of the " lost ten tribes," which seem to have completely vanished from the earth. About the year 1850 John Wilson of London, in a book called "Our Israelitish Origin," put forth the theory that the lost tribes are to be found in the Anglo-Saxon people. Following him came the Rev. Dr. Joseph Wild, an American, whose book, " The Lost Ten Tribes," has gone through many editions. Later Prof. Totten of Yale University devoted years to the endeavor to arouse "Our Race" to see the tremendous import of the evidences in existence to support and maintain the claim of our Israelitish origin. Each year has unfolded new evidence on this momentous subject, until to-day its truth is joyfully acknowledged by thousands among the English-speaking peoples. It is the firm conviction of the writer that the following letters contain an explanation of the discovery of what may be termed the " missing link" which completes the chain of evidence and establishes the unmistakable identity of the "Spiritual Israel" of to-day. THE PUBLISHER. ...

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