Steele Edgar J. - Defensive racism

Author : Steele Edgar J.
Title : Defensive racism An unapologetjc examinatjon of racial differences
Year : 2004

Link download :

"Racism works. Racism is good." - (with apologies to Gordon Gecko, as played by Michael Douglas in the movie "Wall Street"). Of course, whether racism "works" depends upon one's definition. One man's racism is another's multiculturalism, another's hell and yet another's nirvana. I'm not even going to bother with dictionary definitions. Let's deal in today's realities, instead. "Racist" is a term applied, not only to one who simply prefers his own race to others, but also to those who think their race superior to others and more deserving. Racist is an epithet in almost all contexts. Even those who might properly be called racist prefer to think of themselves as "racialists," as though the slight word change makes a difference to anybody but themselves. Racist connotes bigotry, the unthinking rejection of another based upon his or her skin color. Racist implies stereotyping, whereby certain negative characteristics found in certain members of a race are attributed to all members of that race. Are we on the same page here ? ...

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