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Sunday, February 24 2019

Tesla Nikola - Tesla said

Author : Tesla Nikola Title : Tesla said Year : 1984 Link download : Tesla_Nikola_-_Tesla_said.zip Introduction. The collection of articles and papers presented in this volume are in Nikola Tesla's own words; it is the most comprehensive single volume of Tesla's writings presently available. A  […]

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Monday, August 11 2014

Tesla Nikola - The U.S. Patents

Author : Tesla Nikola Title : The U.S. Patents Year : 1886 Link download : Tesla_Nikola_-_The_U_S_Patents.zip The U.S. Patents of Nikola Tesla Freely available at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. ...  […]

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Tesla Nikola - Quantum energy generator

Author : Tesla Nikola Title : Quantum energy generator Year : 2014 Link download : Tesla_Nikola_-_Quantum_energy_generator.zip QEG system description 3-25-2014. The Quantum Electric Generator system (QEG) is an adaptation of one of Nikola Tesla’s many patented electrical generator / dynamo /  […]

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Tesla Nikola - Electric generator

Author : Tesla Nikola Title : Electric generator Year : 1894 Link download : Tesla_Nikola_-_Electric_generator.zip Specification forming part of letters patent No. 511.916, dated January 2, 1894. Application filed August 19, 1893. Serial No. 483,562. (No model.) ...  […]

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Tuesday, July 30 2013

Tesla Nikola - Discovering the future

Author : Tesla Nikola Title : Discovering the future Year : 2008 Link download : Tesla_Nikola_-_Discovering_the_future.zip Already as a child the later physicist Nikola Tesla made extraordinary discoveries. As a young man, he started the development of the now so common system of alternating  […]

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Monday, July 15 2013

Tesla Nikola - The strange life of Nikola Tesla

Author : Tesla Nikola Title : The strange life of Nikola Tesla Year : 1978 Link download : Tesla_Nikola_-_The_strange_life_of_Nikola_Tesla.zip Nikola Tesla was born in Croatia (then part of Austria-Hungary) on July 9, 1856, and died January 7, 1943. He was the electrical engineer who invented the  […]

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