Teilhard de Chardin Pierre - Let Me Explain

Author : Teilhard de Chardin Pierre
Title : Let Me Explain
Year : 1970

Link download : Teilhard_de_Chardin_Pierre_-_Let_Me_Explain.zip

Preface. In a letter to one of his correspondents Pere Teilhard de Chardin himself shows us the best standpoitlt from which to understatld atld take in the full extent of his thought. This is the commanding position adopted by Dr Jean-Pierre Demoulin as the starting-point for following Pere Teilhard's intellectual journey. In this book he gives us the fruits of his persevering researches and of his experience. He is our personal guide to the peak from which we can look out over the boundless horizon covered by Teilhard's survey: the peak upon which, at the end of his days, with 'the splendour' of the final vision held in his eyes, he was to compose his swan-song: 'Energy becoming traniformed into Presence. 'And in consequence the possibility can be seen, opening up for Man, oj not only believing and hoping but (something much more unexpected and valuable) of loving, co-extensively and coorganically with the whole past, the present and the future of a Universe that is in process of concentrating upon itself. 'It would seem that a single ray of such a light falling like a spark, no matter where, on the Noosphere, would be bound to produce an explosion of such violence that it would almost i,,stantaneously set the foce of the Earth ablaze and make it entirely new. 'How is it, then, that as I look around me, still dazzled by what I have seen, I find that I am almost the only person of my kind, the only one to have seen? And so, I cannot, when asked, quote a single writer, a single work, that gives a clearly expressed description oj the wonderful "Diaphany" that has transfigured everything for me?' ...

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