Crowley Aleister - The Complete Astrologica Writings

Author : Crowley Aleister (Crowley Edward Alexander)
Title : The Complete Astrologica Writings containing A treatise on astrology LIBER 536. How Horoscopes are faked by Cor Scopions Batrachophrenoboocosmomachia
Year : 1974

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Preface. Astrologers sometimes make mistakes. From this fact, which even they are scarcely sufficiently brazen to dispute, it follows with mathematical certainty that astrology is not a science but a sham, a quackery and a fraud. 1 Contrast its shameful uncertainty with medicine, where no doctor ever lost a patient; with law where no lawyer ever lost a case, or even with arms, where no soldier ever lost a battle! It is true that nine times out of ten, an astrologer glancing at a stranger can tell at what hour of the day he was born. This must be guesswork, for we do not see how it is done or can be done. It is an obvious canon of all sound philosophy that unless wc know exactly how things happen, wc must deny that they do happen, or, if ever philosophy cannot so far close eyes on actuality, we must ascribe them to chance. Thought of this altitudinous brilliance is the guarantee of human progress; it reminds one of the sun rising over the crest of some mighty pyramid of rock and ice, crowned with the everlasting snows. True it is that in all cases, an astrologer in the front rank of his profession, gives good advice, kind, shrewd, disinterested and worldy-wise, yet inspired by a diviner wisdom such as the fact that he spends his life in the contemplation of the noblest phenomena of nature, that the Soul behind them cannot but operate to bestow; true also that any astrologer of eminence can point to hundreds of people whose life, honour, and property have been preserved. ...

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