Oliver Revilo Pendleton - The Yellow peril

Author : Oliver Revilo Pendleton
Title : The Yellow peril
Year : 1983

Link download : Oliver_Revilo_Pendleton_-_The_Yellow_peril.zip

The report from London on Japanese industrial superiority in the January Liberty Bell asked, in effect, whether the nations of Europe and North America which are still largely White could do anything about it. That, of course, was the wrong question. The crucial consideration is what, if anything, the Jews will order their Aryan serfs to do about it. Alert observers in this country have long noted the ominous potential of Japanese industry. In the New Libertarian (February-April 1982) the well-known "revisionist" historian, Professor James J. Martin, boldly asked the obvious question that is unthinkable to well-trained Americans: Will their government eventually promote another way against Japan to destroy her industrial superiority? He decided that it would not. On a quite different level, the periodical Plain Truth, published by one of the richest of our holy rabble-rousers to stimulate his business, carried in the issue for February 1983 an article, "Will Century 21 Be the Japanese Century?" It begins by noting that American jewelers assure their customers of the superior quality of watches "totally made in Japan," and that Japanese railroads are the best in the world, with an implied contrast to the railways of which the United States was proud before governmental sabotage began to reduce them to junk. And the article states, as did the British commentator, the basic fact: the average worker in Japan, no matter how menial or banausic his task, "has a sense of responsibility to his job, his employer, and his country." (My italics.) The article is, in fact, a good one until we come to the last paragraphs, where we find the old ballyhoo about "Bible prophecy" and what Yahweh will do for everyone (including Australian Aborigines and African Pygmies!) if only we appease him in the ways known to holy men. The press in this country has occasionally carried news of Japanese progress. Notably, the Wall Street Journal carried a long series of news reports and articles in 1982. There was even a hopeful prediction (13 July) by Peter Drucker that Japanese society would soon be afflicted by the pernicious anaemia that has prostrated us. Several of the factual articles discussed the American government's demands that Japan expand her military forces, ostensibly to counteract the "growing Soviet military presence in the Pacific" -- in the territories and on the islands that the American boobs gave the Soviets in 1945. Unmentioned, of course, was the tacit hope that the economic burden of supporting armed forces on a large scale would hamper Japanese industry. It was reported (22 November) that one of the new Japanese warships equipped to fire guided missiles, the Asakaze, cost $110,000,000. It was not noted that if the vessel had been built in the United States, it would have cost at least five times as much. According to some estimates (26 November), Japan, which now produces excellent aircraft, including fighters, has already become the seventh largest manufacturer of military equipment in the world, and will capture the world's markets, if she starts exporting in earnest. Buried in one article (7 June) was a really sensational datum: radar equipment for our F4 Phantom fighter planes made in Japan is three and one-half times more reliable than the same equipment made in the United States. And, what is more, "Japanese versions of U.S. missiles are notably more accurate, thanks to much higher standards of quality control and maintenance." {note 1} Articles about Japanese industry appeared in Business Week, 14 March 1983, and although their tenor was to give Americans as much reassurance as possible, one article admitted that the Japanese are excelling us not only in accurate manufacture but also in technological research, with the result that this country may soon be in the "unpleasant position of having to rely on Japan for critical military technology." The articles particularly consider the probable effects of American pressure on Japan greatly to increase her own military establishment so that she will be able more adequately to defend herself against the Soviet, and it is only typical of our journalism that there is never a hint that the United States, under the rule of its traitors and fools, deliberately installed the Soviets in the territories from which they now threaten Japan, and that a determination to make the Communists supreme in Asia was one of the purposes for which we waged war against Japan in 1941-1945. {end note 1} The average American reader of such items probably lit a cigar and relaxed, speculating about the females he might find at the "happy hour" in his favorite barroom that evening or the probable performance of highly paid entertainers in the next football game. And if he read one item (19 November), he was not surprised by the trite news that Japan can manufacture circuits on semi-conductors and sell them "at half of American prices and still make a profit." But if he read consciously to the last paragraph of that article, he may have forgotten to reach for his cigar for several minutes. That paragraph quoted a Japanese official as saying, The Japanese can manufacture a product of uniformity and superior quality because the Japanese are a race of comparatively pure blood, not a mongrelized race as in the United States." (My italics.) That statement of a simple and obvious fact naturally provoked hysteria. Subsequent issues of the Journal carried indignant letters about that "shocking comment" and, of course, screeching about "bigotry" and "racism." It was not clear whether this standardized slop came from Jews or high-minded nitwits; it probably came from both. There was, naturally, agreement that Japan must become as righteous and diseased as the United States, rotted with hordes of mongrels, enemy aliens, and black savages, so that Japan can enjoy the blessings of a confiscatory taxation to nourish parasites and speed up their breeding, and enjoy the rapes, "muggings," robberies, and murders which are becoming merely commonplace in a nation in which do-gooders have, in recent years, got the crime rate up to an increase of 12% per annum, and may succeed in boosting it to an annual increase of 18% this year. Since the Japanese are not humanitarian imbeciles, they will merely chuckle at the raving of the righteous barbarians. But what will the Jews do? ...

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