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Thursday, September 27 2018

Goodrich Thomas - Summer, 1945

Author : Goodrich Thomas Title : Summer, 1945 Germany, Japan and the harvest of hate Year : 2018 Link download : Goodrich_Thomas_-_Summer_1945.zip Foreword. This book is about crime and the evil things evil men do. This book is about words and hate and the powerful price of propaganda. This book is  […]

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Sunday, June 24 2018

Trevor-Roper Hugh - The age of expansion Europe and the world 1559-1660

Author : Trevor-Roper Hugh Redwald Title : The age of expansion Europe and the world 1559-1660 Year : 1968 Link download : Trevor-Roper_Hugh_-_The_age_of_expansion_Europe_and_the_world_1559-1660.zip Foreword. Hugh Trevor-Roper. This is the seventh volume in a series which seeks to illustrate as  […]

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Sunday, April 22 2018

Bakony Itsvan - Jewish fifth column in Japan

Author : Bakony Itsvan Title : Jewish fifth column in Japan Library of political secrets 9 Year : 1980 Link download : Bakony_Itsvan_-_Jewish_fifth_column_in_Japan.zip Introduction. Very few people are aware of the fact that there are a great number of people today who are considered to be of the  […]

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Sunday, December 17 2017

Warner Brad - Don't be a jerk

Author : Warner Brad Title : Don't be a jerk And other practical advice from Dogen, Japan's Greatest Zen Master Year : 2016 Link download : Warner_Brad_-_Don_t_be_a_jerk.zip Introduction. It used to be that nobody outside the worlds of stuffy academics and nerdy Zen studies knew who Dōgen was. And  […]

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Saturday, September 17 2016

Matsubara Shigeharu - The Earth does not move

Author : Matsubara Shigeharu Title : The Earth does not move Year : 1961 Link download : Matsubara_Shigeharu_-_The_Earth_does_not_move.zip The Air. The air is moving with the earth. A thing is thrown right overhead falls at the point thrown. A thing which is thrown (from side to side) in level has  […]

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Saturday, January 31 2015

Hauner Milan - India in Axis strategy

Author : Hauner Milan Title : India in Axis strategy Germany, Japan, and Indian Nationalists in the Second World War Year : 1981 Link download : Hauner_Milan_-_India_in_Axis_strategy.zip Preface. This book is the outcome of research undertaken in two stages. Most of the German primary sources had  […]

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Saturday, December 28 2013

A Phoenix journal - 244

Author : A Phoenix journal Title : 244 Year : 1998 Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_244.zip CHAPTER 1. NEWS DESK SPECIAL REPORT by Dr. Al Overholt 5/30/98. THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND: MIND CONTROL Newly De-Classified U.S. Electronic. Harassment Technologies. From the INTERNET, courtesy of Calvin  […]

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A Phoenix journal - 240

Author : A Phoenix journal Title : 240 Year : 1998 Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_240.zip CHAPTER 1. NEWS DESK SPECIAL REPORT. KORTON: JAMES BOND AND THE COLLAPSING OF A WORLD. 3/26/98 KORTON. Commander Tomeros Maasu Korton here in the Radiant Light of God-Aton. In a world where love and  […]

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A Phoenix journal - 238

Author : A Phoenix journal Title : 238 Year : 1998 Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_238.zip CHAPTER 1. REC #2 HATONN. THU, APR. 2, 1998 1:01 P.M. YR. 11, DAY 229. THU., APR. 2, 1998. (QUOTING:) PART 60, GLOBAL PARASITES. FROM THE INTERNATIONAL JEW, VOL.III, JEWISH INFLUENCES IN AMERICAN LIFE.  […]

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A Phoenix journal - 237

Author : A Phoenix journal Title : 237 Year : 1998 Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_237.zip CHAPTER 1. GERMAIN: RISING ABOVE THE ADVERSARY’S TRICKS. 3/28/98 VIOLINIO ST. GERMAIN. Good afternoon, my scribe. It is I, Violinio St. Germain. I come as Cohan (Teacher) of the Violet Ray of  […]

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