A Phoenix journal - 122

Author : A Phoenix journal
Title : 122
Year : 1995

Link download : A_Phoenix_journal_-_122.zip

INTRODUCTION. REC #1 HATONN WED., FEB. 1, 1995 7:23 A.M. YEAR 8, DAY 169 WED., FEB. 1, 1995 A FEW COMMENTS ON THE DAY You are entering February and before the Christmas things are settled—you move into the time of paper hearts and decisions—always decisions. All decisions must be made in great wisdom for your enemy depends upon you making decisions which favor him. I ask only that you make decisions in wisdom in clarity of recognition of your relationship with God and the “right” choices WILL be made. I have one inquiry here from Colorado which needs response. It doesn’t matter what we “need” here, Son, what does matter is that when we can function in funding—we need “everything”. Until then each has to fully attend self and that means, because of the heavy load—an outside job is mandatory and there are not many of those in Tehachapi. And I realize that it has been thus for lo these 7 years. I must also remind ones who move to do so with caution to the transfer—sometimes you are far better to stay put in consideration of what is coming down around you. I foresee that the greatest and most urgent “need” here is for help with the paper, but our team has to make it a little further for now. In the meanwhile, if you ones will just keep up your writings and mailings it will be the greatest help you can offer. I can’t even get all the information of urgent problems out to you. We have an Indian Brother in Texas, in prison, on a “hunger strike” and is now unable to get out of bed—we are told. Well, we don’t know what to do for this man. We are not told as to WHY the man is incarcerated but I believe him to be on death-row. The complaint is not one of “innocence” but rather that he is not allowed to practice his “religion”. I note that THAT must mean—to practice his rituals. God and Man need no connection save self with “mind” pointed in the right direction. ...

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